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Wisdom Discretion Understanding

  Keep sound wisdom and discretion, forget it not.  Wisdom is the principal thing..with all thy getting get understanding. ANCIENT PROVERB (A father writing to a son)

As we live this life aware that we are a spirit being gathering information in this physical experience we have an opportunity to gather the wisdom and understanding that keeps us on the life path marked out for us. 

Wisdom is learned, sought out and applied.  Life experiences don’t make us ‘wise’.  It is only when we choose to learn from our experiences that wisdom comes.   Understanding is the ‘heart knowledge the empathy’ of wisdom.  Wisdom is a ‘head knowledge the knowing of a matter’.  When we analyze our life  experience(s) we are gathering wisdom. 

Discretion is that  intent to never willingly do, say or think a thing that would harm ourselves or others.  When we live consciously and we are aware of our thoughts, words and actions it is easy to see ourselves as we truly are.  When we see ourselves discretion is easier because we don’t think higher of ourselves than we ought. 

 Some essential oils that help with this intent of gathering wisdom and making it a core value are Live with Passion, Magnify Your Purpose and Valor.

Attitude Creates our Reality

It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed.  GOETHE

Another wise man adivsed us that whatever we do, do it with an up attitude as though we are doing it for God.  We have to be with ourselves 24/7.   As we practice conscious living let’s enjoy our lives with ourselves.  Set the intent that a major life skill you will develop is the energy of  bliss.  Incorporate as a core  value a ready smile at all times.  That is an easy way to share your bliss.  Joy is a great essential oil to use for this.

Opportunities-Grab Them

Jumping at several small opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one big one to come along.  HUGH ALLEN

Our attitude helps us believe that all opportunities move us forward.   We can hope for change but unless we are willing to take action our hope hinges completely on someone or something outside of ourselves.  Friends can be the best motivators in our lives.  Surround yourself with a cheering section that keeps you on the path to your goals.  The Essential Oils of Valor for courage, Believe to remind yourself what is possible and Gratitude to remember you are not doing this alone are strong supporters.

Humor Assisting In Forgiveness

You can’t stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.  J. LENO

Humor/laughter-try it on yourself.  When you upset yourself, stop the berating and say something that will give a chuckle and move you  to a better moment.   Why stay mad at yourself or others?  Humor is a wonderful life skill.  It clears the emotional palate, lightens the brain and relaxes the body.  If you want to use an essential oil to assist you,  pick your favorite one and in your mind label it ‘laughter’.  Every time you touch the bottle, smell the oil, or wear it that intent of laughter will be in your consciousness.

Stand for The Truth

Fools live to regret their words, wise men to regret their silence.


(This is not a PC blog.  In the beginning the male pronoun was used when both sexes were being talked about.—Attitude)

A wise man will ponder his words knowing that in today’s “gotcha” environment they will never go away.  As you accrue more life skills and as integrity, dignity and honor become more important you will find your words changing . Your silences will be broken when those core values are under attack.  The wonderful essential oil of Valor can assist in keeping us focused, aware and strong.

Living Consciously

Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment.  GASSEN

Thoughts are our attitude whether they are voiced or are private.  Thoughts dictate our body language.  Thoughts give us our smiles.  Be aware.  Make an intent to be thought conscious and your words will be healing.  The oils of Present Time and Highest Potential will keep you conscious of your goal.

Human Being Not Doing

Failure is an event, never a person.  W. BROWN

You might want to do this experiment.  If you have times in your life you labeled yourself a failure look at the event.  Label that the failure and give yourself a new label.  Human being works really well.  We are fallible and we will make mistakes.  Our creator never gives up on us why should we?  Some of the wonderful oils to help with this process: Transformation, Forgiveness, and Believe.

Core Values

Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations, and small needs. STEIN

Shoot for the stars. If it is the moon you reach that’s a better starting place than where you were.  Your attitude about each moment of success will keep you motivated.

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Caution as a Friend

 Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.  DONALD TRUMP

When we are making a major decision time is our friend, especially if the decision will impact our life for a long time.  Snap decisions are often a necessity but when you are even a little unsure caution is best.

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Keeping The MOJO Going

Spring makes you feel young enough to explore, innovate and do the happy dance.  ANONYMOUS

Spring–puppies, colts, babies, kittens, new life; it gives us a ready smile.  It can make a moment brighter.  A simple confirmation that encourages, brings joy, and clears our vision.  May we have an intent that brings new life to our lives. The wonderful essential oils of Orange, Lemon and Citrus Fresh can bring spring to us.

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