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Attitude Enhances Motivation

Ability  what you are capable of.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it.  L. HOLTZ

Motivation encompasses your commitment to doing it.  Attitude determines your level of doing it to the end.  When the task seems unfair, impossible, or just tiresome that is when setting your intent to do it right and complete it gets you to the end.

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Attitude of Bliss

Forget injuries, never forget kindness.  CONFUCIOUS

If we seek to add to our life skills forgiveness we will increase our internal  joy, peace, hope and grace. We will also be adding a core value that is unsurpassed.  Forgiveness is the act that removes all blockages to truly practicing charity as the ancient teachings urge us to do.  Practicing forgiveness has a definite positive effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

When we set our intent to live a life that will create hope and peace in our world we become more motivated to practice forgiveness.  The wonderful oils of Forgiveness, Sacred Mt., Believe, and Joy also can assist us as we live forgiveness.

Laughter and Life

LUCILLE BALL’S philosophy for staying young:  Be honest, eat slowly, and lie about your age.


Laughter is the very best face lift.  A good belly laugh changes your internal physiology, instantly adjusts the attitude and increases healing energy.  Our minds, our souls crave  lightness, laughter is the antidote that works.   Set the intent to have a great belly laugh today.

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Attitude=Quality of Life

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.  D. LARSON

One life skill that brings more joy, hope, and peace into our lives is our attitude.  Our attitude determines our reality.  We are the architect of our lives.  You can build with hope, humor, and vision or you can build with defeat, crisis, and anger.  All of us have reasons to be angry, unforgiving, or bitter.  When we accept the harm those dark feelings do to our emotional and physical health it becomes a necessity to change our attitude and do what is required to have the life we want.  There are so many essential oils that can help keep us on track with changing our attitude.  Idaho Balsam Fir, Release, Surrender, Hope, Joy and Transformation are just a few.

Age + Perception = Vitality

Growing older is not upsetting; being perceived as old is.  KENNY ROGERS

Mr. Rogers, a county western singer/entertainer turned gray at a young age.  On a man in our society it is considered distinguished and cool.  On a woman people add 10 years to your age, offer you senior discounts and treat you as though you are a ‘little old lady’.  I have watched this happen to my mom’s friends.  They are not a bit bothered by others perceptions as they have strong self images.  Your intent set or personal perception will let those around you know if you are old or vital.  My favorite essential oil for self-image is Idaho Balsam Fir.  This EO transports me to a higher mental perception that makes my world brighter.

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Do What is Required

It is not enough to do our best..we have to do what is required.  SIR W. CHURCHILL

Considering Sir Churchill’s life this quote has particular authority.  He stood against a tyrant when all of Europe rolled over and played friendly.  He was not well liked nor respected by many but he was clear on what was required.  This post ties into the post of 7-10 about trying.  Sometimes we are uncleared about what is required.  If that happens take a deep breath, meditate/pray for guidance and it will come.  When our intent is set to do what is required the answer is made clear.  We don’t have to figure it out we just have to be open for guidance.  Some of the essential oils (EO) I use to keep me grounded, in the moment and clear are Awaken,  Grounding, Present Time, Clarity and Believe.  I like celebrating by wearing the EO of Joy.

Yardstick of Success

We are reminded by one of our former first ladies that  “..the most important yardstick of our success is how we treat others.”  B. BUSH

Our daily actions and choices define who we really are.  We may accomplish BIG things but at the end of our lives how we have behaved in our daily lives is what becomes our legacy.  The awareness of this truth is a solid life skill for us and keeps us in integrity with our core values.  It seems to me that so many in our society want to think well of people because they have an incredible talent.  It appears that they discount how they have treated others.  I have someone I love very much in prison.  They are guilty.  The sentence seems harsh since no one was hurt physically.  I have learned that the way I treat myself during this time, the way I treat the prisoner and others who are involved will define my character and say more  about me than any other experience I have had in my life time.  It has become quite a yardstick for me.

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Life as a Duck

Be like a duck.  Calm on the surface, but paddling like the dickens underneath.  MICHAEL CAINE

Isn’t that the truth.  There is no need to let others know the drama of your life.  Why?  Their drama is probably far more interesting than yours.  An easy way to get ‘over yourself’ is to make others important. This is a life skill that makes you a person that is easy to be with.

I love doing experiments.  I often set an ‘intent’ for the day with the people I live with.  Sometimes it’s to see them smile, hear a laugh from them, or get a hug.  I don’t consciously work towards that I just set the intent and my subconscious takes care of the rest.  Most of the time the intent is met.

I am doing my best to remember to set the intent of acceptance when I drive, to send thoughts of kindness to every driver no matter what crazy thing they are doing.

The oils that I use to help me succeed in this are the ones that open up the emotional center of my brain. Lavender, Peace and Calming, Palo Santo, Gratitude, and Frankincense are some of my favorites.

Effort + Skill = Success

I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.  M. JORDAN

I am going to go one step further-trying is premeditated failure.  “I’ll try to be there.  I tried to get it done.  I’ll try, but I doubt if I’ll succeed.”  The only legitimate use of the word try is when someone asks you to, “Here try this.”  Try standing up.  No don’t do it (succeed) just try (you should still be sitting).  When we are given clear guidance there is no trying  there is only doing.  We like to think that things are complex when we usually have enough information to complete the task easily and efficiently.  Life is what we make it and as one person says-now go do the right thing.

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Life Skills

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.  B. GATES

The lessons we learn from those who are unhappy with us or our product are the lessons that will propell us forward in life.  You know that when you want to learn some new skill you seek out those teacher/mentors that will provide the means for you to reach the level of achievement you are seeking.  That is what your  unhappy customers’ become in your life.  The are a type a mentor.  The choice to learn from them will make us a leader in our life.

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