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A Life Worth Living

The unexamined life is not worth living.  SOCRATES

Essential oils that will help with your self-examination are Highest Potential, Idaho Balsam Fir, Rose, Motivation, Magnify Your Purpose, Live with Passion and Grounding.

Life is Good

Only fearless people can be pleasant at all times. VERNON HOWARD

When you live from a place of love, making every encounter perfect and the other guy right you are making life good.

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Displaying Respect

The test of a man or woman’s breeding is how they behave in a quarrel.  – GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

When tempers are frayed, and an argument is in progress, it is very difficult for anyone to listen with courtesy to an opposing point of view. If we could ask the mind on such occasions why it doesn’t listen, it would answer candidly, “Why should I? I already know I’m right.”

We may not put it into words, but the other person gets the message: “You’re not worth listening to.” It is this lack of respect that offends people in an argument, much more than any difference of opinion.

But respect can be learned – in part by acting as if we had respect. We show respect by simply listening with complete attention.  Try it and see.

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Staying the Course

There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.  BEVERLY SILLS

When you are tempted to do less than your best, remember it is you short changing you.

Set your intent to do the right thing.  Create the life you really want.    Core values that include doing the right thing, keeping your integrity impeccable and being honest with yourself and others will keep you steady in your life.

Grounding, Highest Potential and Believe are a few essential oils that will give you steady support.

Set Intent

Make your yearly plans in the spring and your day’s plans early in the morning. CHINESE PROVERB

When we intend to share a smile, see humor in the ‘frustrating’ events and treat every encounter as an opportunity to connect with others nothing will happen. It is when we actually say and /or write down our intentions that miracles come into our lives. When we set our core values we are setting our highest intentions.

Some essential oils that will keep us on track to set intentions so that they can come to fruition are Believe, Magnify Your Purpose, and Highest Potential.

True Wealth

True affluence is not needing anything. GAY SNYDER

Rich – Rich – Rich – Are you there?

We are living in materialistic times. Thanks to the internet we are able to purchase anything we want. When we choose to opt out of buying ‘stuff” simply because we don’t need it we can say that we are affluent.

Lavender, Highest Potential, and Abundance are support oils that help us enjoy our affluence.

Stewardship-Careless or Careful

Having it all doesn’t necessarily mean having it all at once. S. LUETKEHANS

Instant gratification comes with a lot of baggage.

When you look at your financial picture what do you see? ?Have you done retail therapy and dug a hole of debt or did you budget wisely and now enjoy financial freedom and peace?

When your intent is–No cash No buy –your finances have a natural flow that your life style supports. You are able to appreciate the fruits of your labor, enjoy the cushion you have put into place and create more bliss for you and your family daily.

Abundance, Envision, Christmas Spirit are three great essential oils to help you build a core value of careful stewardship.

Consciousness in Conversation

Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge. ANCIENT PROVERB c14v7

Words have the power to strengthen, confuse, distract, and guide. Pick your friends as though they were your mentors. Be aware of the intent you have set for your life, the core values you are developing to support that intent, and the humans that support your core values.

The essential oils that can assist you are Grounding and Present Time.

Life or Existence?

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.  GEORGE CARLIN

The wonder of a meteorite shower, the Northern lights, your teenager thanking you for staying true to your core values, holding a newborn, enjoying a balmy summer day…..When we take time during the day to review our moments of bliss we can truly say life is good.

A good essential oil for support is Present Time.

Are You an Insturment for Constructive Change?

I like a little rebellion now and then.  It is like a storm in the atmosphere.  THOMAS JEFFERSON

Emotions alone create chaos.  Facts and opinions have only a small sphere of influence.  When you combine them you can create change.  Informed opinions, passion and clear facts are the foundation for creating lasting change.

Change in your personal life-your health, a relationship or work is your choice.  If you are unhappy unleash that passion, set your intent and create more of what you want.

Some essential oils to use are Live with Passion, Into the Future, Envision and Transformation.

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