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Depression-A Journey Under Construction

The problem with High Functioning Depression is…???  [HFD]

This is not about clinical depression.  This is about the everyday depression/apathy cycles that can beset any and all when life just becomes ‘one more thing to do’.

The dark side of a light-chaser is lighter than the light side of a dark-chaser.

The lowest point of a journey is the starting point of change.  Up is the only choice.

Faith really is not believing God is able.  Faith is thanking God for doing.

When you do the right thing not knowing what the results will be-that is faith.

HFD people have an abundance of Faith.  They know that if they just keep putting one foot in front of the other  they will eventually be in a different spot.  HFDs also know that if they don’t like that spot they can just keep putting one foot in front of the other and come to a new spot.

It is my belief that if a HFD is unwilling to change their life attitude of Life is Just One More Thing To Do, this journey will stay under construction.  That of course could mean a lot of detours. Dreams will be delayed, if you have any dreams.  It also means there will be a lot of slowing down, waiting, and lane closures.  It could be that too many interruptions means you have to change your dream destiny as it has become just too much to keep going for.  It is really depressing to even think about all that is missed just because as a HFD we seek the cave more than we seek the light.

So the dark side of this light chaser is becoming lighter.  The cave is no longer comforting.  It is stifling.  I can see to take the next step not knowing what the outcome will be.  Ahh Faith in action.

I use Balsam Fir to lift me up, Sacred Mt. to remind of the beauty that surrounds me, and Stress Away to center me.

Happy Monday–2 Cows

You have two cows, but under:

Socialism…..the State will take one and give it to someone else.
Communism…..the State will take both of them and give you some milk.
Fascism…….the State will take both of them and sell you the milk.
Nazism……..the State will take both of them and question your beliefs.
Bureaucracy…the State will take one of them, but spill most of the milk.
Capitalism….you sell one and buy a bull.

The wonderful oil of abundance will help you get to/through the bull.

Keep on Keeping On

Don’t tell God about the storms in your life.
Tell the storms about the God in your life.

The past is not a sofa but a springboard into the future.

Well adjusted people play golf as though it was just a game.

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I’m Confused-wait, maybe I’m not.  Modern Proverb

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Got Your High Tops On?

Deja Moo:  The feeling you have heard this bull before.  Modern Proverb

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Pithy Proverbs

O Come Let Us Adore Me  T Shirt Graffiti

I used to care  But I take a pill for that now.  T Shirt Graffiti

Don’t worry about what people think-They don’t do it very often.             T Shirt Graffiti

I challenge you to appreciate yourself, give to the power that created you the things you have no influence or control over[yes I love God and Jesus, that’s my pill.], and really if you gossip, judge and criticize others no wonder you concern yourself with what others think. 

It has been shown that what we say about others is simply a mirror of ourselves.  The next time you give a compliment acknowledge that same trait in you.

What wonderful oils will help us remember our worth Gratitude, release our needless fretting Clarity, and make us nicer to ourselves so we can be nicer to others Idaho Balsam Fir and Stress Away.

Be Aware

Let me drop everything and work on your problem. T Shirt Graffiti

Ahh to practice the skills of balance and self-care daily so that we would increase our joy in life.  The wonderful oils of Joy, Hope, and Forgiveness keep is centered.

Body Image and Life Purpose

In eating, a third of the stomach should be filled with food, a third with drink and the rest left empty.  Talmud

One way to get thin is to re-establish a purpose in life.  Cyril Connolly

I suggest you fill the other 3rd of the belly and use oils to keep you on track.  Fill it with purpose and use Magnify your Purpose.  Get your drive on with Into the Future, and clear your vision with Envision  and Hope.

Food for Thought

More die in the United States of too much food than too little.   John Kenneth Galbraith

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Mmmm Good

Take twice as long to eat half as much.  Anonymous

Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us.  Peter De Vries

Amen   Acceptance, Hope, and Gratitude are three oils that keep us encourage to do the right thing.

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