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Have a Great Friday

There’s no such thing as fun for the whole family. ~Jerry Seinfeld


Joy oil will keep it fun for you.

Think on this

Today is the last day of some of your life. ~Author Unknown

Today I choose to have an attitude of a peace maker. I choose to dream my abundance dream of friends, finances, and health.

We have an oil called Hope but many of us call it Goal. I will use that oil with Believe, Joy, Dream Catcher, and Abundance.

Humility Learned Again

Sunday evening I sat down to write my post for Monday. I had a great idea. I was excited to share it with my readers. Tuesday morning I realized I had no Monday post and I had best get focused if I was going to have a Tuesday post.

I am a ‘bit’ of a control freak. [That is a normal personality development when you have bad things happen to you and there is no adult to protect you.] In the past I would have ‘beat’ myself up for being ‘stupid’, ‘irresponsible’, plus all the uns like; un–professional, organized, and uncaring.

Now I accept that yes, I am a spiritual being and because of my human experience I will have human traits. Distraction and forgetfulness are just two challenges I face as I live in a physical body keeping focus on what is truly real.

The wonderful oil of Forgiveness helps me to stay loving towards myself. When I forgive myself forgiving others is a natural act. Forgiveness is truly a wonderful spiritual act that enriches our human experience and feeds our spirit.

It is a Reality Check for Sure

“Did your life matter? Because after you die, they’re going
to drop you into a hole in the ground, stomp ground on top of
you and then go back to the church to eat potato salad.”- Tony Campolo

Remember the ancient prophets taught that the ‘day of one’s death was better than the day of their birth’. Let all of us rejoice that this soul has gone home at last.

Dream Catcher and Joy are two great oils to help our loved ones accept our transition with vision to the truth of life.

Clean Slate

I had a mess to clean up.   I had acted unprofessionally towards my co-workers and I needed to apologize.  The challenge was doing it before too much time had past and I wasn’t on the schedule for the next two days.

Oh well.  Go in and  do the right thing.  I found their reactions to be very interesting.  They acted surprised that I was apologizing.

It is good to be able to  face the day knowing you have done what needed to be done to make things right.

I need to be using my StressAway, and Humility oils more.

A Solid Truth

A bulldog can whip a skunk, but sometimes it’s not worth it. – J. Nowell

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Take Notice

Don’t do for others, what given the chance, they wouldn’t do for themselves.   K of the UK

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Ever Wonder Why…..

A woman can’t put on mascara with her mouth shut?

Ever Wonder Why…..

The time of day with the slowest traffic is called rush hour?     Humorous Sayings set 33

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Monday Is Here Again

I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks.  Anonymous

How sweet it is when the paychecks come from an activity you enjoy.  How much sweeter when those checks are substantial.

The oil of Abundance will make a difference–If I can save enough to get it.

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