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OK Lets Roll It

Look in the mirror today and say something nice to yourself about yourself.  Remember what you are is what you give to others.  We can only fake it so long until we pay the price.  (Tiger is a great example of fraud that changed a life in a big big way) .  Our frauds usually cause us friends, respect in the home, work place, and social arena.  It can have a heavy affect on or our health.  Let’s be authentic. When we are not nice to others the root is often  because we aren’t nice to ourselves.

I’ll use Believe oil  for the mirror work and Stress Away for the day.

Todays News

When we are given ‘lemon’ news we often forget our personal lemonade recipe.  When we are able to pull-it-together to set our daily intent and a miracle happens we have our lemonade made.  Enjoy the sweetness you create from the lemons in your day.

I think I’ll add Lemon oil to my water today.

Ready Set Go

And we are off to a wonderful start.  We know that we want to share a smile, create a laugh and give and receive a hug or two today.  Ahh the joy of setting intent and having miracles happen.

I believe Joy oil will be good for me today.

Week 3 Day 15-21 The Tortoise Continues

Day 15/1  As promised no entry.

Day 16/2  Yesterday up at 6a.m. in bed at 11 p.m.  Enough said. — I need to recap what my goals are and my progress.

1.  Main meals and snack done by 6p.m. w/flexibility for fresh fruits and veges after 6 if I have a busy  late evening

2.  Yoga and swimming 2x a week-I substituted walking for the swimming and will do Yoga when the schedule permits.

3.  Sugar free 4 days a week.

4.  Cleanse 1 day a week.

I am adding an OK to snack after 6p.m. 1 day a week.  Today is the day.  I didn’t have dinner as I was full from lunch and didn’t watch the time.

What I notice-I am not weighing so I am not counting pounds until the 32nd day.  My clothes are fitting looser and I don’t feel bloated.

I am pleased with my success thus far and believe that I will continue because of my desire to physically feel different.

If you have started your new journey whether physical, spiritual, or emotional please share with us.  I’ll monologue with you tomorrow.

17/3  I chose to cleanse today.  It was good.  I finished strong.

18/4 I finish the cleanse today at noon so will report in later. I obviously have not mentally repaired myself well for this cleanse. I am literally waiting for my alarm to ring at noon so I can start eating. I give myself big kudos for not ‘snacking’ last night while putting my lunch together and not snacking today while getting lunch ready. I am not so much hungry as I am wanting to eat. Many of you will know exactly what that means. Yes Yes I have completed my cleanse.–There is a great satisfaction in enjoying each ‘bite’.  I had a weak finish because of poor planning.   I didn’t finish dinner until 7.  Oh well

19/5  I chose to make this a sugar day and I chose to indulge in some after 6p.m. eating.  I had a weak finish to the day and I learned a lot about be conscious when doing emotional eating.  I eat a lot less and I enjoy it a lot more.

20/6  Today was a sugar day.  I finished strong.  Glad I am taking this one day at a time.

21/7  Non sugar day.  Had a good finish.  Read the label on my special cold cereal and discovered I’ll have to eat it on a sugar day.  No wonder I like it so much.  It is the type of cereal that suppose to be healthy so I never checked the sugar in it.  It is beyond reasonable.  Good to have this week finished.   I worked extra hours so getting everything lined up was a challenge.  I still miss the night eating.

Friday Fun

As for the dinosaur–Noah’s conscience was easy; it was not named in his cargo list and he and the boys were not aware that there was such a creature. He said he could not blame himself for not knowing about the dinosaur, because it was an American animal, and America had not then been discovered.
– “Adam’s Soliloquy”  by Mark Twain

By Adina in Daily Rx  .::. (Add your comment)

What Are We Inspiring?

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. Helen Keller
The story of Helen Keller is the story of true faith and great courage.  Let her life inspire you to new heights  so you can inspire others.
Valor is the oil to keep you going for this one.

What Is Our Life Saying?

We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others, by their acts.
Harold Nicolson

I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts. John Locke

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw

Plenty here to think on.

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Life Happens

Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement. Alfred Adler

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. Arnold Glasow

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Liten Up Your Life

In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.– Sid Caesar

Under my category Health and Wellness you will find evidence of the journey that I have started.  This journey is for life. I do this knowing I will succeed and enjoy .  I know that becoming rigid about the ‘goals’ will take away the joy of the journey.

I have already done 9 days.  Two times in those 9 days I have had to adjust and be flexible because life had to be ‘lived and enjoyed’.  The need for balance is vital for this journey to be more than something I will ‘endure’.

I like the oils of Live with Passion, Valor, Joy, and Believe to help me live life and enjoy the journey.

Week 2 of Commitment

I am glad that I have started this journey.  My oils have helped me keep my focus, Valor especially.

Today was a busy day in special ways.   I have been thinking of the things I have had to commit too to make this journey palatable.  (pun intended)

I have to have a hearty breakfast by 10a.m., I have to eat my last meal by 5 ish so that I can have a snack around 5:30;  I feel really deprived if I don’t get to have that evening ‘snack’ and I have to be flexible if my schedule is off and I have to ‘flow’.  The only thing I won’t do is have a snack after 6.

One day I grabbed a snack, took a bite and thought oops I had better check the time.  I had to put the snack in the garbage.  I am now getting the sub-conscious to click in and have me check B4 I take the bite!!

All week I have been making lists of what I want to add to this week.  I will have a 24 hour cleansing period.  I’ll probably do it from noon day 5 to noon day 6.  That way I can go to lunch with a friend on day 6.  I am also going to limit my sugar  to 3 days a week. I will start back to yoga class and continue swimming 2 days a week.

Day 8/1  I did good, but I missed out on my snack, boo hoo.

Day 9/2  It was impossible to get my last meal in before 6 so I did what I had to do and no snack again!!  I also found out that I must pack my next day’s lunch before 6-yep a little nibble here and there.  On to a new day.

Day 10/3  On course and doing well.  I also decided to make this a sugar free day.  Doing good on that. Success success success on all fronts. My Stress Away Oil is really a wonderful gift to keep my so happy and at peace.

Day 11/4 I overslept due to operator error when setting the alarm that I have used successfully for years. I give myself kudos for getting up an hour late and only being 5 minutes late for work. I have chosen to make this another sugar free day. I don’t plan on Yoga tonight unless I feel really good after my physical therapy.  Nope didn’t do the Yoga.   Very strong finish.  I wonder if the desire to ‘graze’ late at night will ever disappear?

Day 12/5  Start cleanse.  Had a great breakfast and am doing good with the cleanse drink.  My computer decided to have an “I don’t want to ” day and I figured out the solution on my own.  Yeah.  I will let you all know how this day finishes.  It is a strong finish stayed on the cleanse and remained sugar free.  I believe I’ll use extra Stress Away Oil tonight.

Day 13/6  Finish cleanse at noon.  I am also sugar free today.  The cleanse is 24 hours of a liquid food.  It is nutritionally balanced.  The important fact to remember is to drink enough of the drink and enough water to flush out your system.  I have done this cleanse in the past for up to 30 days so I can vouch that for me it is very safe and efficient.  My commitment at this time is 1 day a week forever.  Another wonderful success now all I have to do is keep sugar free and don’t eat after 6p.m.  More later.  I did it.  I met the challenge and I feel good-na na na na naa.  Do a little happy dance.

Day 14/7  Wow this was a wacky day.  I opted to continue my walking exericise (shopping) instead of rushing to keep on schedule.  I didn’t have a ‘real’ meal after 6 just some nutritious bites of foods I had to fix for the weekend.  I did get my snack in before 6!!!  I am sure by now you have guessed that my snacks aren’t always high on the food chain’s nutritional value chart.  I enjoyed them and it made not having a ‘real’ meal OK.–I didn’t overdo and that is what is important to me.

I may not be posting tomorrow as it is a full full day.  I will be eating at 9 pm more than likely as we have an Improv Show and we always go out.

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