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Miracle and Prayer

It was a miracle.  I was recently given an incredible gift.  This gift had 2 parts.  Those who know me well would say that this gift was the least this person could do. I don’t feel that way.

I didn’t pray for this gift.  This gift came to me because God did a work in another’s heart.  My prayer was for them to be remembered by God so they would know they were loved and cherished.  I never prayed for them to give to me.  I was given the perfect gift.

I am using my oil of Gratitude.  It was the oil of Hope that helped me keep faithful with the prayers.

Hello Good Moment to You

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.   Will Rogers

A great oil for focus is Present Time.  Smell deeply and count three things that are plusses in your life.

Week 6 Days 36-42

Day 1  sugar free LM#1 Successful day with a lot of physical activity.  We had a show so I did have food after 6.  That is a given on a show night.  I was pleased with myself.

Day 2 sugar responsible  LM#2 I got to go swimming outdoors–yes.  Strong finish.  I am changing my sugar intake.  I still will stop at 6 but if I want a taste of something with sugar I will log it and see if that works.  I can have 1 sugar day and 4 sugar responsible days. My cleanse days are sugar free.

Day 3  Cleanse starts at noon  Another successful day.  This time it wasn’t as easy to stay in ‘cleanse’ mode.  I am now learning the emotional triggers that I have responded to by auto-eating. The night time ‘longing to graze’ craze is pretty controlled.

Day 4 Cleanse ends at noon  I am doing better with my supplements.  Sugar responsible day I didn’t finish super strong as I nibbled on approved food after 6 as I just didn’t get around to eating  dinner.

Day 5 Free day  Preparing to head out tomorrow.  Had to work late which through everything off so I just made it a free day.  Moderate Sugar

Day 6 I am visiting a dear dear friend.  We will be doing 2 hours exercise so  I am doing moderate sugar and stop the eating by 7.  Good finish.  We ate dinner before 6 so I am still on schedule.  I stayed in my boundaries.  I had some emotional triggers and I knew I didn’t want sugar. That tells me that some deep behavior modification is going on.

Day 7 Forgiveness is a must,  without it we will surely fail.  First to ourselves so that we can give it to others.  Moderate sugar day.  Moderate calorie day.  1.5 hours of exercise.  LM day  Good finish.


Bulletin Bloopers:
The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals. 

Low Self-Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 pm. 
Please use the back door.

My favorite one was the announcement letting the Weight Watcher 
members know to use the wide double doors.

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Let Us Lighten the Day

Well enough for old folks to rise early, because they have done so many mean things all their lives they can’t sleep anyhow.    Mark Twain’s Notebook

Is old 60 plus??  or…??  Peace and Calming would be good.

Life is our Creation

Our circumstances have little to do with what we create.  We can be active in this creation or passive.  We can create something that invites others in to share the beauty and rest.  Or we can have chaos, drama, confusion and unrest.

If we create our masterpiece one day at a time we will get the results we intended.  Clarity is an oil that helps keep the vision.

Create Beauty

You know you have to be on top of your game when you cannot find your keys and then you find them in a place that you thought you had already searched thoroughly twice. That was the start of the day and I decided right then and there this is going to be a very good, calm, nice day and it was.

I wasted no time trying to determine “what did I do to create this”  or “what does this say about me”.  I just said what I was willing to create and all the elements helped me create it.   Stress Away was the oil of the day.

We Need to Diligently Seek Truth

I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.

Sooner will a camel pass through a needle’s eye than a great man be “discovered” by an election

Strength lies not in defense but in attack. Quotes of a famous German leader…

I want you to think on these quotes.  Read them several times. If I told you these were attributed to someone you respected and admired would these quotes have different meanings for you because of the life of the one who spoke them?

When I share with you that these are attributed to Hitler do you understand the man’s actions better?  Do you get a glimpse of his ‘truth’?  Do you see how he lived that last quote?

As we seek God’s truth of life we will speak wisdom.

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Week 5 Days 29-35

Day 1  As promised no post  Sugar Day

Day 2  LMs   2 (liquid meal)  Sugar Free I was moderate in my excesses yesterday and the day before.  Today was an on track day.   Strong Success.  For me a little indulgence now and then helps me stay focused for the duration.

Day 3    Cleanse  Sugar Free Going strong.  A successful finish

Day 4  Finish Cleanse  Sugar Free Once again I finished strong.  It is so much fun to meet the goal.

Day 5  Day 33  Sugar Day   LM (liquid meal) day.  That will be LM #5 for this week. Good day.  Weak finish.  We had guests and I had fruit after 6.  I did stay away from the sugar after 6 so that was good.

Day 6  sugar free  LM I had a strong day and a good finish.  I really really want to eat and it is way past 6pm. And I reallly really want sugar but I really am just going to face the emotions (oh yeah, I can tell when it is emotional eating) and drink my water.  It’ll be better in the morning.  Pour on the Stress Away.  I was successful.

Day 7  sugar day  LM I have to now limit the amount of sugar on sugar days.  I’ll set that goal next week.  It is a free night as I am meeting a friend late in the evening.  I cut the sugar off at 6.


No matter the test it really is OK.  I have experienced once again that when I trust in God and do my best the results really are OK.  What 3 nice things did you do for yourself this week?  What one nice thing did you do for another?  Go on be nice in your life.

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