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Know The Truth

and it will set you free.  The people would not hear and put the Son of God to death because they were happy with what they were and truth was not precious to them.  (John 8:32)

Read one of the minor prophets (the last 11 books of the Holy Bible’s Old Testament are short and sweet.)  Know the nature of our God.  Yes the new convenant is love, forgiveness given with repentance and submission to that Godly love but  it is written that ‘…the fearful, unbelieving, etc. ….shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death.’  (Rev. 21:8)

When you live in truth life isn’t always pleasant but your heart remains at peace.

The wonderful oils of Believe, Acceptance, Valor and Transformation can assist you in your Truth Stand.

Yikes It’s Coming

This is the count down week.  The week that marches me to the day that screams

“You are in a new decade!!”

It is only a number.  I will keep breathing.Two great friends will be in town to remind of what is vital.  I will keep breathing.

Oh I look every second of this new decade!!!  When did this happen?

Oils, Oils, I need oils.  Stress Away, Tranquility, Deep Relief, and Peace and Calming will do for starters.


My sons have made choices that I believe have put them in ‘harms way’.  Who am I to limit the power of prayer and of God in the lives of those I love?  Help thou my unbelief.

My Frankincense, Myrrh, Cassia, and 3 Wise Men oils will give me clarity.


I recently discovered that I was playing chicken with my belief in Jesus the resurrected Son of God and God the Father.   I have not been a true warrior standing at my post where I have been set by God.  Oh to be True.

I need to use more Valor oil.

Each Day Brings Us Closer

Do you ever think of Christ returning to earth?

The 400 years the prophets no longer spoke were filled with the cries from the faithful imploring God to send the Messiah.

Are you thanking God daily for sending Jesus back to earth?  There are those who are.


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Who Me?

In our impetuous youth we raise our hands, our desk unable to contain us yelling, “Me, me pick me.”

As a cautious youth we chew our lip, bow our head and think, “Me?”

During our busy middle years we draw inside ourselves trying to become invisible making our body language scream, “Not ME.”

When we are in our not quite ‘senior’ years we lift our heads, look life straight in the eye and say, “Yes Me.”

Then we stop.  We are now a senior.  We have lived our dreams.  We have accomplished our goals and we say  ‘…is this all there is?’

Cheers to everyone of you that have found that wonderful part of you that lives with gusto and enjoys each moment.  Not out of ignorance of the ‘world condition’ but in spite of it.

My oils of Magnify Your Purpose and Live With Passion will create that for me too.

I Wonder

Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.  J. von Goethe

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Gems for the Soul

God and His son created a saved eternity so that Jesus could spend forever with His little brothers and sisters.

God isn’t waiting for the world to get worse before He sends Jesus back home.  God is waiting for the Bride to be ready.

Reduce our Cares to Prayers.

Use the Believe oil to open up your heart to receive all God has for you.


How True

The truth is not always the same as the majority decision.  Pope John Paul II

You can’t keep a man down without staying down with him.  Steve Biko

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Yes they can be big things: birth of a child, healing of an illness, or reuniting of a parent with their children after 40 years of no communication.

Miracles can also be little things.  An act of kindness (especially if you are grumpy and out of sorts), patiently waiting when you really want to yell at the less-than-competent clerk, a smile when all you really want to do is curl up and be left alone, writing a note to someone you know gets very little mail, or doing the right thing with a smile of graciousness.

I like the oils of The Gift, Frankincense, and Sacred Mountain to remind me to let the love of God act through me, a weak dust-made vessel.

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