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Hectic But Sane

This past week I met myself coming when I was going.  When this happens I make lists, lose lists, go over the lists and become a little listy!!  I make myself exhausted with listing the things that will fill that day.  The actual activities go smoothly, all gets accomplished and I give the lists all the credit for keeping me organized.

My lists keep me from fretting on the day of the event because I have used up all my ‘frets’ creating my lists!!!

What oils to use?  Clarity, Surrender, Grounding, Peace and Calming/Stress Away/Tranquility and Ocotea.


To all of our new subscribers I encourage you to read the back posts and see how we have evolved.  I started this project because a friend said I should.  I continue it because another friend lets me know that often a post will give them a new perspective, redirect their thoughts, or make them lighten up.

I am rich in friends and for that I am so deeply grateful.

My  Joy oil helps me celebrate my friends.

Example of Rolled Up Sleeves

Dr. Ben Carson is an example of what is possible. His story is the movie: Gifted Hands.  I believe it is worth your time.  By watching the extras on the DVD you get a sense of how remarkable this man is.  It isn’t your typical “bad boy/girl does good” movie.  It shows that  if you desire it  you can achieve it.

The oil of Believe will keep you going.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Dr. Jonas Salk The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.

Let’s use Motivation, Inspiration, and Joy to keep it going.


A Michigan law says that his wife’s hair belongs to him.

Bees kill more people a year than sharks.

Venus spins counter-clockwise.  Who’s from Venus???  Pluto?

Austria was the first country to use postcards.  Now they cost 29 cents to mail!!

By Adina in Daily Rx  .::. (Add your comment)

It Is True I Think

Inspiration, Motivation, Envision, Transformation are all words that have inspired our scientist to formulate oils to help create that action.  Of course we encourage you to use the oil of Common Sense first.

5 Jell-O flavors that flopped  celery   coffee   cola   apple   and   chocolate.  (No Common Sense available for discernment.)

By the age of 60 you may lose 50% of your taste buds.  OK does that mean I eat twice as much to taste anything??

A pregnant gold fish is called a twit.


Teachers Thank You

Teachers open the door.  You enter by yourself.  Chineses Proverb

Become addicted to constant and never-ending self improvement. A.D’Angelo

A teacher that learns along with her students inspires them before she ever starts teaching them.

All of us are teachers.  Some by profession but all by life.  What excellence are you inspiring in those who know you?  What are you committing to being in this day?   William Thackeray believed that good humor was one of the best articles of dress we can wear.  Try it and watch your day brighten.

I think the oil of Believe will be worn today.

A Day To Remember

A time for reflection, to know that the memories made this week are sweet and lasting.  A time to say Thanx to God for a free nation, (well some what), for money to fill the gas tank, (well almost fill it), but most of all for those who love us in spite of our weaknesses (yes most of all for them).

This joy is enhanced by the oils of Joy, Abundance, Into the Future, Present Time, and Envision.

Today Today

Today I celebrate with friends and I am grateful they want to join me.  I am grateful they are older than me and are doing life well.  I am grateful I have  friends.

I’ll use the oils of Joy, Gratitude, Dorado Azul, and Abundance today.

Ahhh Bliss

It takes so little to have so much.  Awareness, gratitude, and graciousness add to our state of well being.

Who have you helped today???

Our oils of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Sacred Mountain all assist us in reaching a higher level of awareness.

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