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Do What Needs To Be Done

Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius.  BENJAMIN DISRAELI

Oh I like this thought.  I desperately want to have a really good time tonight.  I want to be sane, listen well, absorb the ambiance and be so glad that I schlepped all the way here for this very special party.  I want to enjoy old friends, be gracious to the spouses that are dragged along and take away sweet memories that overlap the wonderful memories made in high school.

I’ll wear the wonderful oil of Lady Sclareol.

Oh Boy Nice

A vacation is a mind set.  We have to decide how we are going to enjoy it.  Sometimes we have wonderful memories because we decided ‘We are going to have wonderful memories.’  Other times the vacation seems to be a flop because we had expectations that weren’t met.

One is never as fortunate or as unfortunate as one thinks.  LA ROCHEFOUCAULD

Joy will be the oil today.

I Am There

Truly today I have the opportunity to create a beautiful beautiful memory or I can blow it by letting ‘old stuff’ dictate what I say and how I conduct my self.

Anger is never without a reason but seldom a good one.  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Present Time oil with Stress Away will be my guides.



A journey to the past/future.  There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.  F.D. ROOSEVELT

My high school class was very small and usually has a reunion every 5 years.  This year they have decided to have a birthday party since we all hit another decade.  YIKES I am not liking this.  I have however been dragging the new number behind my name for a month now and nothing is really all that different.

OK I’ll just use more Into the Future oil and get over myself.


Projection-The Quick Way to Destroy Relationship

Projection–unconscious transfer of feeling: the unconscious ascription of a personal thought, feeling, or impulse, especially one considered undesirable, to somebody else

mirror-something accurately representing something else

There are times when we will take an instant dislike to someone.  When we step back and look at what is going on inside of us we will grow into the person we want to be.  Do we see in them what we don’t like in ourselves? (mirror)  What can we learn from them?  I believe these are questions worth asking.  When we get the honest answer we can then make a conscious choice about that person.

A good example is HJ.  I was around this person no more than 5x a month and I knew they didn’t care for me.  I finally asked why and the response was something I couldn’t change and didn’t want to change.  (I smell ‘funny’ was the complaint.  After checking with others I knew it was them as no one else was offended.  No it wasn’t BO it was EO [essential oils] which I didn’t wear on the days I would be around this person.)

When we are complaining about someone stop, look at what we are saying and 90% of the time we will see that we are talking about ourselves. (projection) We can only see in others what is in us is the motto I use to check where I am at on the ‘Christ-Like’ scale.

One day a woman was going on and on and on about herself (I thought).   Everything she was saying were things I saw in her.  Imagine my surprise when she stated “I know he…”  It then dawned on me that she was talking about her husband!!

Projection works both ways.  When we say nice things about others it is because we have those same qualities.   A fun experiment-the next time you are around a grump or someone who talks about others all the time-check out how content they are in their lives.  Don’t be surprised if you end up checking yourself out.

There are wonderful oils that help keep us on track with relationship.  I always suggest ‘your favorite oil of the day’ is the one that will support you the most.  Now go and project your content/peaceful self onto the next person you interact with.




Snappy One Liners

Every great human achievement is preceeded by extended periods of dedicated, concentrated effort. [Brian Tracy]

The grass is greener on this side.

The white man has the clock, but the African has the time. [African saying]

Be who you are and say what you mean because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. [Dr. Seuss]

The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything they have. [Jayaram]

When there is an elephant in the room, introduce him.

How inappropriate to call this planet earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.
[Arthur C. Clarke]

By Adina in Daily Rx  .::. (Add your comment)

Catch Up

Every time I fail to plan life pulls me along.  Everything is so much nicer when I am in the groove.  This pulling me along is the pits.

I’ll use more Present Time oil to keep things working efficiently.

Get Busy

I recently had a day where I accomplished on the computer all I had set out to do.  I had very little ‘wasted’ time with being detoured.   The interesting thing is that at the end of the day I didn’t feel like I had accomplished a lot.

Why is that??  I think it is because there is nothing physical to look at when we ‘clean our electronic life’.  I do not go look at my ‘in-box’ and see how empty it is. But if I had cleaned a physical desk I would have had that visual satisfaction of seeing the work I had done.  I would be giving myself a lot of  ‘att-a-boy’s and feeling very pleased with myself for ‘working’ and not just reading a good book!!!

If I had chosen to read a good book I would have had the kinesthetic appreciation of doing something fun.

Now I know that to have the ‘feeing’ of accomplishment or fun I have to engage more of my senses and I have to give myself a lot more credit when accomplishing a lot of ‘grunt’ work on the computer.

I think I’ll use Live With Passion when doing the necessary work that enables my business life to run smoother.

We’ve Come A Long Ways?

In the late 50’s early 60’s you would pull into a gas station and get full service with gas being less than 50 cents a gallon.  Full service was pumping the gas, washing the windows, asking if you needed your oil checked, and checking the air in your tires.

You would go to the grocery store and your groceries would be boxed using the boxes the groceries were shipped in and carried to the car.

You would go shopping and at least 2 times have to tell 2 different clerks, ‘No thank you I am just looking.’

Ahhh I need the Peace and Calming aroma today.



Look at the post for June 28th Paying the Price about success to understand the depth of what I am about to write.

Recently a loved one called to tell me that his new wife wanted out of the marriage.  I have known this young man and his mother and family forever.  I have known them intimately.  His mom is one of my best friends.  I know the commitment he had to marriage.  It’s written in ancient scripture.  “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.”

What are the reasons we leave a ‘commitment’?

1.  We weren’t committed. When you write it down you see what you are saying you will do.  You can refer to your ‘commitment’ with three senses-tactile-visual-audio (read it out loud) to get re-committed.  You can as Lombardi said ‘….evaluate the cost of success and go for it.’

2.  All the other reasons can be eliminated if we do step one.   REALLY COMMIT.

This blog is a perfect example.  I wasn’t committed to it until a dear friend told me what it meant in her life.

We can learn commitment in our youth if we are active in an organization/activity that requires us to accomplish something before the next meeting.  Scouts, private lessons of any type are 2 good examples.

I have gone to meetings 2x a week for the greater part of my life.  I have also had a private piano lesson every week for all of my childhood and part of my adult life.  These two ‘activities’ are just a part of who I am.  They are a part of the woven picture of my life.  All other activities were scheduled around these two ‘commitments’.

I didn’t know that I was being given a life skill that most people develop as an adult-Stay true to your commitments.

Having said all that I will share that I am divorced after only 100 days of marriage.  I had an infant when I married and was committed to giving him a great father.  When my husband was anything but a ‘father’ and chose to leave my commitment was to that little life.[ I also thought I might be pregnant.  I was.]  I stayed true to that commitment of raising the children.  I chose to put God and them first and didn’t remarry.

I can say that 34 years later I have no regrets concerning that choice to leave that marriage.

If I had had the skills then that I have now how differently I would have chosen.

What oils help us to commit?  Clarity, Believe, Live W/Passion, Magnify Your Purpose, Sacred Frankincense and Common Sense.  Now as a famous doctor says, “Go do the right thing.”




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