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Grace in Action

Oh how I want sugar and I have chosen to let this be a sugar free week.  If I did three entries about feeding my addiction you would be showing grace in action by accepting those words and going forth.  If I choose to only mention it in this entry as a part of this ongoing relationship we have, that demonstrates me having grace in action.

I need to find a different best friend, perfect companion, and soul mate other than sugar.  This temple is being remodeled and the dirt floors (sugar) are being replaced with beautiful hand crafted tile inlaid with gold and precious stones.(energy, muscle and strength building foods, activities, and thoughts.)

OK oils let’s use Valor and Believe for this part of the journey.


Life is Just One of Those Things

Your Lucky Color Has Faded

If You Didn’t Get Caught Did You Really Do It?

Gravity is a Myth.  The Earth Sucks.

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I Feel….

The best lesson I have learned in life (OK one of the best) is to just accept.  When someone says or does something that puzzles you, just accept that that is who they are.

I like friends that are quirky.  It keeps me from getting into a rut.  It also makes me grateful that I am accepted.  If you can’t accept the ‘personality quality’ then move on to another friend.

The oil of Acceptance has kept me from becoming an insane control freak.

I Thank You

Recently I had a dear friend leave town and another come into town on the same day.  I loved it.

I treat these visits as though  I may never get to see them again.  I am relishing face time with those people that I sincerely care about.  I am staying in the moment and enjoying our time together.

Ahh I am feeling the gratitude (I’ll pour more gratitude oil on) more deeply.

Yeah Thanks

Casual gratitude is no gratitude at all.   M.E.

A short poem about the ‘miracle’ of friendship has made me realize how out of whack I am when it comes to sincere gratitude for the things that make my life so  comfortable.

Of course the oil of Gratitude and Believe will keep me on the course of truly being grateful for this bountiful life I live.


The inherent vice of capitalism is the uneven division of blessings, while the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal division of misery.   Sir Winston Churchill  1874-1965, British Prime Minister and writer




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La La La

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they AREN’T after you.

I’m serious, It was a JOKE.

Optimism:  Waiting for a ship to come in when you haven’t sent one out.

It’s all a pigment of your hallucination or said another way  it is an optional illusion.

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Equaling it out

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.   Warren Buffett 1930-, American Investment Entrepreneur

Just say no and you might get lower blood pressure, better cholesterol counts, less weight to carry around so you have more energy and can breathe easier, and a smaller bathing suit this season!!!

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Life is a Cycle

It is so much fun to watch a 2 year old and a 80+ year old play together.  The old are renewed and the young have someone to pay attention and love them.  I think I’ll find more 2 year old cuties to populate my life with.

Don’t we all just want someone to pay attention and validate that we are special.

We attract what we are-oh no how did I get here!!!   Time to make a few changes and why not.  It is never too late to become that butterfly.

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One Day Closer

Are you one of those who lives in the future or is today the day you say, ‘This is it.  This is all I have.  I am  creating my moment now!’

Magnify Your Purpose and Highest Potential will keep me on the accomplishing journey.


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