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Opportunity to Revive

 License Plates
(Front Plate) TI-3VOM  (hint U R looking in mirror)
(Student driver car) EEEEEK

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What a lovely word.  Even as you say it you feel your energies revving up.  Now that I have the schedule simplified the steady moving forward is an easy accomplishment and a must for me so I can sustain the life style I am developing.

My 7 seconds of laughter are a big help.

Joy is the oil I’ll focus on today.



Self care comes in many forms.  Choose those things that keep your heart aflame.  I am simplifying my life this summer by changing my work schedule.  I now have more ‘free time’ to devote to building my Essential Oil business and travel.  I am excited about this summer.

So many oils will be used but I am going to be very conscientious to use Live With Passion, Magnify Your Purpose, Believe, and Highest Potential.

Blessed Lives

‘I know what I have planned for you.’ Those are God’s words to Jeremiah, an ancient prophet.

When we start listening/talking with the power that created us, God, our life perspective is changed.  Many think if ‘whenyou do the right thing’ their lives will be blessed in natural ways.  It may or may not.  It rains on the just and the unjust according to another ancient prophet.  The major gifts that are given when we walk with God are the gifts of love and forgiveness.  Peace and Joy are ours to find in the place of meditation. (Be still and know you are hearing God’s love to your heart.)

I believe the oils of Acceptance and Believe will keep me in remembrance of whose I am.




A dilemma is presented and some wisdom comes to us, ‘Be Still and Know that I AM GOD.’  If we grasp that the ultimate power, God has a personal interest in our words, our thoughts, our decisions would we not: slow down and think  (be still and know) then accept the guidance/wisdom/and power that is ours for the taking?

Life is sweet when our wills’ are in harmony with God’s.

I’ll use the oils of Harmony and Sacred Mountain today.

(7 seconds explained in the  post of May 23)

7 Seconds

Forget love….I’d rather fall in chocolate.

U R U>>  Now isn’t that pleasant?  Dr. Seuss

When I am not in my right mind my left mind gets pretty crowded.  S. Wright

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.  J Leonard

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This Time

I have laughed my 7 seconds.  I have read my ‘Success for Dummies’ mantras.  I am feeling excitement build.

I have not been feeling on top of the world for the last few months.  I let it get me down in many ways.

My oils of Acceptance, Hope, and Joy along with Believe and Live With Passion are helping me on my journey.

Great Book

THE TRAVELER’S GIFT    The premise is old but the presentation is dynamic.  A man-The Traveler- is sent to visit 7 great achievers.   After a personal visit  each person gives The Traveler a scroll.  The scroll shares the individual’s ‘secret’ of their success.  The last scroll was the most profound for me.  The Traveler visits a place that is never ending.  A place that as we read about it becomes very real and we know that we have contributed to to the contents of this place.

An excerpt from the 5th person.  This was a young person that was facing sure death and rejoiced in what was good around her:

5th Decision   Today I Will Choose to Be Happy.  I will  laugh for 7 seconds upon awakening.  Laughter is an outward expression of enthusiasm and I know that enthusiasm is the fuel that moves the world.

I will be using this book as my ‘Success for Dummies’ guide.  It’s a quick read and a quicker re-read.

So many oils come to mind.  Highest Potential, En-R-Gee, Sacred Mt., and Palo Santo will be a good beginning.

Worth Repeating

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions.  Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny. –Frank Outlaw

The oil of Highest Potential will help keep this in our consciousness.

All we need for success we already know.  You are choosing to apply those principals as a a subscriber to this blog.  Give yourself a high-five.

Be Patient and Endure

Time heals what reason cannot.

If everything is going your way you’re in the wrong lane.

If we continue, knowing we are doing the right thing all comes out well in the end.

The oil of En-R-Gee will keep me going.

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