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If you want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils please visit my FaceBook Page  EssentialOilsPlus.  I  believe they are a wonderful enhancement to keep us on our tajectory to creating the day we envision. Oh, we have an oil Envision.  The website is; my member number is #259759 and my phone is 702-419-5371.  California time PDST.


A made up day that can cause extra joy or pain depending on what we choose, that’s the reality of holidays.  How wonderful when we create beautiful moments in our daily lives. Not because all is well but because we choose to know that “all is well”.  May this day be the first day you set your intent to:

  •  Have many smiley moments
  •  Say hello & share a smile with at least one person you interact with. (could be you)
  •  Set in motion the plan to do something you keep telling yourself  “I want to do…”
  • These are IDEAS only.  Make a personal list of 3 that will enhance the beauty of your day.

Do this today and then see if you want to do it tomorrow.  Could this be a ‘blessed” day way?

Oils I use Stress Away:  inhale and say out loud your 3 actions for today. Believe: dab your  inner wrist, rub together and inhale.  Present Time: 2 drops in your R.H. Stir clockwise 3x, rub over your heart.

The Beginning of a Wonderfilled Day

I am BACK.      My FaceBook Pages, Essential Oils Plus and Creating the Life You Dream  are another way to get daily doses for life.

Darren Hardy Daily is a wonderful source for daily good life habits.

I have morphed into a professional house sitter.  I am working on a variety production.  My part will be mostly piano playing but I might do a skit…

I am also putting together a Come to My Playground event for personal blooming.  More on that as we develop our modules.

How are you exiting 2015 and charging into 2016???

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