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I was definitely feeling like I was in a whirl.  In the desert we get these “Tasmanian dust devils” and that was how my brain was feeling–whirr whirr whirr.  There are a lot of things I want to accomplish today (Oh joy the sun just came out and it isn’t even quite noon) and I knew I had to apply my ‘skills’.

I reviewed mentally the steps I knew to take that help bring in calm and order:

Make a list of all the things whirring in your brain.

Prioritize the list.

Get to work.

So the lists are made the whirring has slowed to a manageable buzz and production is up.

My oils Clarity, Present Time, and Joy.


Sometimes that is all it takes to shift our perspective, looking for and finding the great moment. Today I want to seek out the great moment that will make my day better than I thought it was.

This day has unfolded beautifully and is continuing. More later.

Get In The Flow

The tools I use daily to enhance my life, keep me on track, and give me the proverbial kick when I just wanted to quit.

Darren Hardy-Darren Daily   Daily mentoring for all areas of your life.

EFT   Emotional Freedom Technique  Nick Ortner You Tube    A FUN quick way to think things differently.  Of all the ones I have tried and researched I like Mr. Ortner the best.

Young Living Essential Oils You Tube–  An overview of the importance of knowing the power of high grade Seed to Seal essential oils.

OOLA  — 2 great young guys that share ways to balance 7 areas of your life.  They are partnering with Young Living and have a whole oil kit to help with growth in these 7 areas, Fitness, Family, Finance, Faith, Field, (job) Fun, and Friends.  To buy the kit go to 1.  2. Under Products clink on  Essential Oils & Blends  3.  On right hand side click on collections  Scroll down to Infused 7  If you want to buy it it takes a process (we aren’t Amazon!!)  My number is #259759 or if you need support 702-419-5371.  PST zone.

These guys have a 21 day fitness challenge I am doing and a 30 day download challenge.  You might find it interesting.


Life In this Moment

I am preparing for a production in which I’ll be giving a piano performance and possibly a humorous skit.  I started the learning/practicing process the summer of 2015. The 1st performance will be the summer of 2016.  Non performers are surprised that it takes so many hours to have pieces ready to be heard by an audience.

It is the same with life skills.  Unless we daily practice patience and kindness we have no idea what love is.  i.e. “…love is patient, long suffering, and kind…” (all active parents know the definition of long suffering!!!)

Oils for piano practicing:  Clarity  Christmas Spirit (it invokes wonderful memories)  Stress Away  (this is a huge step forward for me) Dream Builder Believe      Just to name a few.

Oils for love practicing:  Stress Away  Present Time  Envision (see the goal) Dream Builder  Hope   Believe


I failed to check my recent posts and found out—They didn’t go.  So glad     1-1-2016 is showing me immediately life skills that need to be addressed.

Darren Hardy’s on line gift called  Darren Daily has a great FREE program coming up on Monday for those of you who like effective quick daily mentoring that can be applied to all areas of your life-spiritual, relationship, business, and fun.  He keeps me on track and accountable.

My oil this moment JOY.  Enjoy your joy that you create for all in your sphere.

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