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In my first meditation today it struck me that I needed to have a mantra for today. (Big things happening in my life)

I love the way we are given such beautiful gifts. This is what I was given.

May we have the strength to stand for Truth,                              Valor

the vision to see that Truth,                                            Clarity

the joy to live that Truth,                                                 Joy

and  gratitude to embrace the One who gives us the Truth,        Gratitude.

I love the support these oils are as I go forth in my life.


A great gift has been given in the form of the 2016 Tapping Summit.  The presenters are professional, on point, and interesting.  I am learning so much and am so grateful for the doors that are opening because of the new beliefs I am establishing.

Oils that support my journey:  Gratitude   Believe    Surrender   Valor, Joy, and Harmony (our Sunshine protocol)

Tired but so very grateful for this opportunity to add the turbo boost to my engine.

Are you stepping into new skills to create the life you want?

TAPPING SUMMIT 2-22-2016 THRU 3-3-2016

I hope you who follow Tapping are doing this Summit.  You can still register.  It is free.  I am sure you have done summits on line before.  This one has 2 speakers daily, starts at 8p.m. EST, and is free for 24 hours.  Of course you can buy the presentation as that is the goal of these summits. The cost is minimal.  I am thoroughly enjoying the presentation.  Can you guess what combination of oils I have diffusing as I listen???


As I look back on today I realized how far I have come.  (Tranquil oil helped).  I released all the ‘things to do to prepare for…’ thoughts.  I was able to stay in the experience of enjoying the company of a dear friend and completing the tasks that had been set for this day.  These tasks didn’t support my agenda in getting prepared for an event that is happening in 4 days.  These tasks, to me are an essential part of my purpose and therefore have priority.  I am so grateful that I am getting the hang of prioritizing and realizing, all will get done!  Believe oil supports this commitment.


I needed to implement something that would make me stay at the computer while I was doing some detail work on my Essential Oil business and the Performance Event that I am organizing.

I decided to play “Tibetan Healing Sound”.  What a gift this You Tube recording has been for me.  It really helped my focus and was very soothing.

I live a very mobile life and You Tube fills all my music needs and wants.  I have such gratitude for the people that take the time to upload all these wonderful gifts.

The other day for fun,  I listened to a presentation of someone teaching piano.  Oh my I feel sorry for anyone who attempts to learn piano that way. It’d be fun to meet someone who had learned any musical instrument by digital teachers.

Do you know anyone?


It Works It Works It Works

Jim Rohn:  That which is easy to do,  is also easy not to do.   None of the daily necessary habits are complicated.  We can all make a list of ‘easy’ daily things that make our lives flow.  [You don’t want to know how long it took me to make that list.]  These skills are now automatic. It didn’t take very long for these new habits to become my strength.  The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy explains this principle thoroughly. 

Yesterday’s post would (Oh it is snowing.  There is something about snow, quietly doing its thing as it creates a whole new world.) As I was saying, Yesterday’s post would have never happened if I didn’t have my daily habits to fall back on. At the end of the day I gave myself a pat on the back and knew I had done well.  Much was accomplished simply because I had made my list and checked things off as they were completed.

Today is a “fast” day for the Children of Nepal.  My company, Young Living Essential Oils has been asked to do a project over there.  I enjoy fasting and today will get me back into the weekly habit of a 24 hour fast.  Noon to noon.

Today is a glorious opportunity and I am diving in.  How about you.  What one new opportunity are you taking advantage of?


What A Day….Blessed Indeed

High winds, body aches from drop in barometric pressure, stove top goes out, computer is acting funny, internally/emotionally things are a mess and I am forced to do all the things I know to do to be productive. WOW they are working. Share with me what you think/know I am doing. Answers coming later from me the one who must do or else life implodes.


Today was a day of ‘I should..’ and I wasn’t! My thoughts were heavy.  I used my Happy Sunshiny Day Oils–Valor on the wrist   Joy over the heart and  Harmony on the solar plexus.  Shortly after that I got a call, “Are you free at 3:30 to meet us for a cup of coffee?”  Two very special men.  Men of a great God. Great encouragement to me to have some one on one time with them.

It’s past my bed time and I am on my 3rd wind.  Wonder if I will need sleep tonight. [Lavender might help in that department.]

The coffee was a very special type. I seldom drink coffee. I do enjoy great coffee so it is worth the late night productive time I am being blessed with!

What do you do as a special treat knowing that the treat is worth the consequences?

Necessary Daily Life Habits

Some essentials that help my creative process to have the life I want.

Forgiveness–I have a queasy feeling in my stomach.  I think I may have been shafted by someone I trusted.  I need to get the facts as I can’t stand the uncertainty of suspicion. I have no desire to ‘talk’ to them if they have shafted me, but I do need to give it no energy and move on.  I hate having to resolve things like this. NOTE:  If I truly forgave would I need to know if they had shafted me???

Commitment–Your life is a clear picture of what you are committed to. Your core values are what you do daily. NOTE:  Track daily activities to make sure you  are implementing the core values you admire.

Fun–That which makes us laugh relieves our stress. That which involves others in our joy adds color to the picture of our lives. NOTE: Remember the good times and relax into the pleasure of that moment.

Gratitude–All of us have what we have because of gifts; health, a rich nation that allows us to prosper, a nation at peace, and a nation that encourages us to build on opportunities.  A heart filled with gratitude is a heart at peace.  NOTE: Write three thank yous daily for 7 days.

Restorative time –This sets the tone for the day.  It is one of my core values. I need to be alone with my God to get settled in my core.  If I don’t I am a whirling, disorganized, drama mess and little is accomplished. There is also the possibility of causing ‘damage’ because my energy is chaotic when I skip my centering-quiet time.

These are of few of my favorite habits.    What are some of your daily habits that you use to build the life you want?

Oils to use:  Wear them   Diffuse them   Smell them

Gratitude     Joy    Ylang Ylang   Patchouli     Frankincense    Sacred Mountain   Believe    Magnify Your Purpose   Live With Passion

Time To Get Back TO-IT

I gave myself 2 days off from practicing so I could feel the joy of success. Very interesting things happened.  I got a lot of little things accomplished in the home office, I was looking forward to practicing again, I did all my daily routine (except practice) which created productivity in other areas of my life, and I believe that I will take at least one day off from “heavy” practice per week and just play that day.

I used a lot of my Relaxation massage oil to help keep the bliss going.  My tapping wasn’t used except for some things my friends are working on.  I had decided if the bliss slipped I would tap on that!!

I have also decided to add Yoga Nidra to my exercise routine.  It has helped me tremendously on this journey. There are many great You Tube teachers.

As Darren Daily said in his Finding Your Passion series, “I vacation to rest so I can get back to work!”  I agree!


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