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The second half of this journey has begun. As I look back on the last 9 days I would say that my performance was below average. There are things that I said that were unnecessary. All of the physical care was top notch. I just could have done better in the spiritual/emotional care area.

Now that I have a whole lot less responsibility I will add a whole lot more laughter and a whole lot more fun to this journey.

I will be using Present Time, Clarity, and of course always Valor, Joy, and Harmony.

What are you changing about you today to make your day lighter and brighter for all around you?

Life In South Georgia

I do enjoy my family here in Thomasville, Georgia. Thomasville is a cute little town which meets a lot of my preconceived Southern ideas.

Lots of plantations that are now owned by corporations. They use them for private hunting. I’m not sure why they call it hunting since the  prey is planted.  It could be to give the city folks an opportunity to think they’re doing something rugged.

Friendly people, rainy days w/sun, historic homes, y’all, lots of flowers, fuzzy hair, moist skin, (a change for this desert rat) and mosquitoes. [Purification oil prevents the sting but they still bite.]

What a grand time exploring this area.  Tonight we are going to a local talent show!

What Adventures have you planned for today?




I have been involved with my business partner Young Living since 1999. This month I learned a new lesson. The lesson cost me $400. I immediately went to blame blame blame. Why didn’t I know this rule?! I didn’t blame others. I totally took responsibility and moved through it in less than 24 hours. What was my secret? Tapping and Dr Len.

No matter what I’m tapping about, when I’m doing the karate chop I always add, “I totally love and accept myself.” I have found I can’t really blame myself when I’m loving myself.

Blame and shame are such cripplers to progress.

The Believe oil has been a big help when dealing with this type of issue.

What strategies do you use to move on when all you want to do is beat yourself up?



A Pause Refreshes

This has been and is an enlightening experience. I knew that I would need new skills to do this part of the journey well. My self evaluation is that I need a lot of improvement. At the most there is only 2 days left of this leg of the journey.

I have always had deep admiration for those who do this type of work. Now I have a much  deeper respect for people in this field. A much deeper respect for the parents of special-needs children or special needs family members.

I realize that each person is unique. What would work in one case would not necessarily work in another.  I knew this coming in as I have done this type of work before.

I thought and it has been confirmed that the one thing that works in all cases is you must have love. Ancient wise men have told us that love is patient, long-suffering, kind, endureth all things, and is not easily provoked.

Dr. Len’s philosophy helps me keep the right perspective. “I am sorry, thank you for forgiving me, I love you, I am grateful, thank you.” (Zero Limits)

I have pretty much stuck with my balancing oils of Valor, Joy, Harmony, and White Angelica. Of course burning my Frankincense resin reminds me of what really is important. Present Time reminds me to share laughter & make it a blessed day.

Day One Very Good

This is my first full day on this new journey.  I was apprehensive about what to expect & what the best course of action would be. All for naught.  Patience is the key I believe. I can plan what I want to do & make sure to tweek the “how to do it” so all parties are included in the activity.

My oils today were Valor on the wrist,  Joy on the heart,  &  Harmony on the Solar plexus. (That’s the area above the navel & below the  breast bone)

I believe using the Harmony oil is essential. It will help me be more effective on this journey.  The other vital action is love.  I would have never volunteered for this if I didn’t love all the folks involved.

They are grateful & glad I am doing this & I am happy to do it.


I am engaging in an activity that is not easy for me but necessary.  My hope is that all will benefit by the services that I provide.  I am deeply grateful for the life skills that I have gathered on my journey that will empower me to be a blessing to this family.  I know that if I am conscious of the needs of others, listen to them and disregard my own agenda all will go well.

I have an arsenal of oils that I am taking with me on this journey. I trust that my love for God and this family will fill in the blanks.


My silence comes from being on the road &  focusing on real physical relationships.  I took this week off from ‘work’  to travel and reconnect with some important people in my life. I have been given many great gifts of insight into me and how I do relationships. Dr. Hew Len’s (Google him/You Tube) mentorship has made this trip exceptional.  I am so glad  that I have such great help right at my finger tips.  What a great time to be me! JOY and GRATITUDE  are my oils today.

How are you making this day a memorial for your joy?

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