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We’ve got an oil for that!

Inspiration, Motivation, Gratitude, Joy, Hope (some of us call it Goal), Build your Dream, Live with Passion, Energee, Valor, Harmony, Stress Away, Tranquil, Peace & Calming, Brain Power, Present Time, Into the Future, Abundance, Believe, Christmas Spirit,  Clarity, Common Sense, Envision, Faith, Highest Potential… these are my basic Young Living oils that I use as I create a whole new life  in a metropolis that I haven’t lived in since 1993!

Each day as I meditate I focus on 2 steps I need to take towards this new life. These oils help make my commitment solid and motivate me to move forward.

Example:  When I think of where I will be living I hold the bottle of Envision under my nose & inhale Tranquility, (just hold the bottle. No  need to open it.)  & Believe (dab on inside of the wrists) with Common Sense (top of the hand) & Clarity (in the middle of the forhead) that all will work out.

Thank You

As Memorial Day approaches I want to be aware of what this day means to so many people. I want to have respect for those who are being honored on this Memorial day. I want to develop a deeper appreciation for what I have in this country.

I want to remember that the preservation of good comes at a cost and with much effort

A limerick for 3 Gemini Birthday Gals

There once was three gals in Las Vegas,

Who no longer earned any wages.

This bothered them none

They still had great fun and

Often were quite outrageous.  A. M. BLAZEK

Recently I was included in a very special birthday luncheon. These Gals all in their eighties we’re celebrating the birthday of X. X won’t tell them her exact birthday date so they decided to make her a Gemini, like them, and her year as 1926. It has been decided that since X doesn’t care about the number after her name in five years we’ll celebrate her hundreth!

These ladies have inspired me on so many levels. The one thing I love most about these three Gals is there deep love for God that pours out into their service towards others. A legacy that I will continue for them.

The oils of Joy & Gratitude enhanced this wonderful experience.


Create Create Create

Travel days remind me how important it is to know exactly what you want the experience to be. Sometimes these days can be very very long. I am glad to share with you that my most recent travel experience,  which covered 41 hours was filled with many wonderful experiences; good conversations, good food, quiet moments, and very few less than times.

My oils that support my efforts,  Stress Away, Thieves, & Lavender.

The skill of focusing on the present and releasing the not so pleasant truly makes for a wonder filled experience.

What are you focusing on today?

Beautiful Life

As I walk & breathe with awareness I am very conscious of any thought I have that robs me of my joy.  I allowed a robber in recently & it took a friend saying to me,  “Have you tapped on it? ” to get me back on track.  (I don’t talk about a robber only the need of releasing those thoughts. When you talk about something that gives it more power.) With friends like that my joy is richer.

The oils of White Angelica for protection & Joy to keep me focused on what matters.

Challenging and Rewarding

An unexpected opportunity has come my way on this journey! I believe it is a test to see if I truly did learn something on the first part of this journey or am I just saying that I learned something? In any case the next week will be the proof, Did I learn or Am I stuck in Old patterns?  I am excited to have this opportunity to get the answer.

There is a saying concerning the unprofitable servant. That servant is just doing what is expected of them nothing above and beyond just what is expected. It is a state of mind I believe. That servant doesn’t expect any recognition. That servant knows this is what’s expected and this is what I do. That is my mindset for the next 7 to 10 days. I have put the expectations on me. Nobody else has done that. Everything that I will be doing I would want to have done for me.  I have become an unprofitable servant.

I’ll be using my balancing oils of Valor, Joy, and Harmony. I’ll also be using Clarity, Stress Away, and Live With Passion. With all this support I will be successful.

How many times in your life have you had the opportunity to do again a task and you did it differently & better?

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