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2016 Half Lived

How many ways can you interpret that fact?  I chose to look at it in the two obvious ways.

In two days we start the second half of 2016.  What changes have I made that I committed to in January, February, March, April, May and June? What new avenues have I explored, what old habits have I discarded, and what have I decided is really important to focus on in the next half of 2016?

I will share one new habit—writing it down.  What a power house the written word is.


Hmmm Truth?

Great talent finds happiness in execution.   JOHANN WOLFGANG von GOETHE
Something fun to ponder.  Which one will you believe today?

Compound Effect

I am very conscious that next week has great opportunities that require focus, daily action, and consistency.

My balance oils of Valor, Joy, and Harmony are my constant companions.  I am daily selecting my action/focus/and consistency oils: Live with Passion, Build Your Dream, Present Time, Clarity, Stress Away and Sacred Mountain.  These will get me started and it is up to me to keep going. My Common Sense oil is the perfect antidote to panic.

My wonderful anti-oxidant drink Ningxia Red is always a major player in my life.  Now more than ever I need this power house drink to keep me vibrant and alive for this new journey I am embarking on.

Climb the Heights

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there.

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Through all this Job did not sin nor did he blame God.”   Job  1:20-22

“It is easier to lower your view of God than to raise your faith to such a height.”  Dr. Frances I. Andersen (Speaking about Job’s attitude after he lost his children, livestock, and servants.)

Job is a very interesting man to read about. As I do this deeper study of this man who went from uber riches, highest standing in the community, and great health to nothing; in a blink; I am aware of the weakness of my trust, hope, and confidence in the power that created me, you, and the universe.


“The heights by great men reached and kept

Were not attained by sudden flight,

But they, while their companions slept

Were toiling upward in the night.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The oils of Clarity, Frankincense, and Valor keep me on track to keep working at this relationship with this almighty power I call God.

This Is Different

Today was a day of service. Glad to do it and very interesting. I had a lot of chauffeuring to do. I had been considering being an Uber driver.  After today I’m so glad I didn’t go forward with that!

Always glad to find that I have made a good choice for me.

We Are Doing It

We are living in a world of HUGE opportunities.  In us there is GREAT potential. We love that we know our lives are ours to create.

We surround ourselves with people who are achievers and in harmony with our core values. We have things that don’t work out the way we thought and we go on to the next step.  We share a smile a day to remind us of the bounty we are grateful for. and we go forth to ensure our corner of the world is more beautiful because of us.

This is true success.  To be able to create beauty as we work towards our bigger goals. Our oils today JOY & Believe.

What will you do deliberately today to go forward and add beauty to your corner of the world?

Uncomfortable Experience

I am choosing to see all who are gathered at these meetings to have a bountiful amount of love in their hearts. It is a very intense retreat that has great potential for my personal growth.  The problem isn’t the speakers. The problem is my receptors.  A huge attitude change is being worked on to know that what I need I will hear and what isn’t for me I won’t hear.

All the chips need to be off my shoulders and I need Dr. H Len’s mantra to be my daily litany: I am Sorry  I Am Grateful   Thank you for Forgiving me   I love You   Thank you

The oils of White Angelica and Transformation will support my journey.

Dr. Len, PhD

The only purpose in your life and mine is the restoration of our Identity—our Mind—back to its original state of void or zero (Buddha), of purity of heart (Jesus) and of blank (Shakespeare) through nonstop cleaning.

It is in the void, at zero, Divine Love resides, providing inspiration for perfect relationships, perfect health and perfect wealth.

The responsibility and the function of the Conscious Mind (Intellect) is to initiate the cleaning, to care for the Subconscious, teach it the cleansing process and to ask Divinity for directions.

The Conscious Mind is clueless as to what memories are replaying (11,000,000 per second) in the Subconscious. ONLY DIVINE LOVE CAN TRANSMUTE TOXIC MEMORIES TO PURE ENERGIES. DIVINE LOVE IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF INSPIRATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT!

The Conscious Mind does not perform these functions!

The Subconscious, as the super computer, is the key in the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono cleansing process. If loved and cared for, the Subconscious becomes an ally, cleansing nonstop even as we sleep.

I wish you and your family, relatives and ancestors Peace beyond understanding.

Peace of I,

Dr. Len, PhD

Attitude of a Winner

Clarity oil will help us with this introspection.  What are the three things I do at the start of the day to ensure the day is a success? (Your three will be different)

  1.  Plenty of REST
  2.  Gratitude Meditation
  3.  Healthy Breakfast

These are the three things that set my attitude.

Share below what you do to be the warrior that you are in your life.

Taking on Life

Life is a constant flow and go process.  If we are sitting on a floaty and enjoying that flow our destination is predetermined.  If we are equipped with a paddle while in our vessel named goal we are going to be working it. We will be utilizing the current’s speed to get us on our way and when we see the tributary we need we apply all our skills to make the changes needed to reach our desired destination.

Our oils for support are many but Clarity, Hope and Gratitude help keep us focused.

Distraction will happen and it is up to us to set the goal for that day.  As Darren says, “Set your schedule for the next day the night before.”  Write it down for better support.

Check your day.  What are the changes you need to make to keep the trajectory you had set?

Enjoy the challenge of directing your course and obtaining what you most desire today.

Success today is the start of the ultimate day of Success when you reach your goal.

Life is for the Living

Awaken, Live with Passion, Build your Dream, and Envision oils help get the life juices flowing. As you know from Darren Daily it is not enough to know what to do you have to be doing it.

Is there a relationship you have neglected, a goal that you haven’t been working at as passionately,  or a new idea that you are waiting to start on?

As Darren challenged us today, What one thing will you do for an hour today with intense passion?


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