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It’s Huge

I knew that 2016 was a life-changing year for me. Many I know are making huge changes in their lives this year,  too.  Some of these changes are plannned & some are unexpected gifts from the universe.

Breath and various exercises to support breath have been a large part of my daily regime.  My support oils have been many but my favorites are Believe and Live With Passion.

The following is from a wonderful yoga teacher of mine.:

Spiritual Simplicity
by Catherine Ann Cobeaga

There is more space than substance in the physical body.

The Divine Essence occupies that space – even the space within each atom.

The breath is the bridge that connects and unifies body, mind, emotions, and spirit or soul.

The Divine is expressed in the flow of breath…the breath of Life.

To breathe gently, fully, deeply, consciously is to experience Oneness with the Divine Essence that occupies the space within the body, mind, and emotions.

The breath is the river of Divine Essence that leads to the seat of the Soul where love, peace, and joy abide.

Now, Breathe.

Deep Breaths and great smiles. Who will you share with today?

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