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Fun Stuff

Who Will Win?

I was watching a marathon and saw one runner dressed as a chicken and another as an egg.   I thought, Now, this could be interesting.


If you are always straightening things, you have OCD. If you are always eating things, you have OBCD

Stripping Titles

We disbar lawyers and we defrock clergy, so why don’t we:
Delight electricians?
Derange cowboys?
Depose models?
Debark tree surgeons?
Depress dry cleaners?

Chuckle your way thru the day…

By Adina in Daily Rx,Humor  .::. (Add your comment)

Time So Quickly It Goes

As we look at the calendar we often are puzzled by the evidence…..Where did the go?

We realize that living in the present moment might require us to use the oil of Present Time.

Maybe we need more fun so we get out our oil of Inner Child.

The oil of Abundance helps us keep our Gratitude alive and our Hope feeds our Joy.

How do you use your oils to make each moment count?

The High Road

When our dream highway is under repair/construction/ or closed until the landslide/sinkhole/rockslide is remedied we might look for New Skills to keep the momentum going and create a detour.

I have found that Tapping is just such a skill for me.  This sight The Tapping Solution will help you  understand if this is a program you want to have in your file of  “Going for the Gusto of Me”.

You can find excellent Tapping sessions on You Tube. Nick/Jessica Ortner are my mentors.

My oils are Highest Potential, Common Sense, and Joy.

What a Wonderful Thought

Sometimes all you need to turn the moment into momentous is to ‘have a wonderfilled’ thought.

I have the privilege of getting to the beach often now so wonderfully wonderfilled thoughts are flowing.  My oils of Live With Passion, Build Your Dream, and Magnify Your Purpose assist me to create magic moments through out my day.

What is one wonder filled thought that lightens the day for you?  Share below.

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