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We are guaranteed that today we are one day closer to a goal, one day closer to death, one day closer to the week end, one day closer to ….

What will you decide to make this day?  It is your gift to others this day or it is nothing but you not being aware of the infinite possibilities around you.

May I suggest you set a timer and for 5 minutes close your eyes as you breath deeply into the beauty you can create.  See the peace you create because you are at peace with your body, your thoughts, your environment, your family and take that peace with you.

A good tapping script for this 5 minutes, just on the side of your hand is;

Even though I feel _____ I totally love and accept myself and the peace I am and share.

Do this at least three rounds and more if you want.  You can add to or take away from the script.  The important thing is to program your brain for the day you want to create.

Share with us how that set you up for a different type of day.  You can do this through out the day.

My oil for this is Clarity to keep my thoughts directed to being a peace carrier.

Wonderful Fellowhip

Last night we had a miracle evening of good food, stimulating conversation and fun.  There was one 50ish couple, 2 long time divorcees, 1 long time widow  and a young man in his 3os.

The dinner was the reason we came together but the fellowship was the reason the evening was such a huge success.  Each one has weathered life well.  They have created their own slice of heaven on earth and live their christian values.  The ages ranged from 31 to 79 and there was no generation gap.  Some of us  have have known each other over 40 years except for the youngest who has been here 2 years.

It is times like this that I give awesome thanks for the values that bind me to my friends. My oil is Gratitude.

Share with us an evening that was a memory you will cherish for a long time.

Laugh Out Loud

Why does it suck to be a penguin?
Because even when you get angry, you still look cute.


A recent scientific study showed that out of 2,293,618,367 people, 94% are too lazy to actually read that number.

[If you actually read the number Please post your profession….]


Her:  Daddy did you know that girls are smarter than boys?

Dad:  No, I didn’t know that.

Her:  There you go.


I’ve always thought my neighbors were quite nice people. But then they put a password on their Wi-Fi.


A child’s observation: If a mother laughs at dad’s jokes, we have guests.


I would really like to beef up my self-esteem a bit, but I don’t deserve it.


We have all done this, I am sure, I think so, well possible some haven’t done it;

That moment when you check your time on your phone and have to check again 10 seconds later because you weren’t paying attention the first time.



More jokes at:

By Adina in Daily Rx,Humor  .::. (Add your comment)

Keeping the Momentum

When we have a goal that is based on an event; a baby being born, a graduation, it is easy to keep our focus and momentum.  When the goal is less defined i.e., healing a hurting heart, peace after chaos, the momentum towards the goal has to be constant.

What are the things to feed your brain as your belief/faith wains?  Here are some of the things I have said/used when I got impatient with the waiting these past 8 years; steady on, it will happen, let us remember what we are working towards and of course using the wonderful essential oils of Valor for courage, Believe/Hope to keep going, Surrender to let go of the doubt, and Joy to know that the day we have worked toward for 8 years is just around the corner. In 12 days it should happen, probably will happen, or be very close to happening!

What are some of the things you do to keep your focus and momentum going? Share in the comments below.


Grind It Out

Darren Daily often reminds us that 90% of what we do to achieve our goals in the 7 OOLa areas is redundant. The things we do to keep focused are necessary and repetitive. The disciplines we engage to “Grind IT Out” are what separate us from the have nots to the haves. There is no magic to success but there is concerted steady work that ensures our success.  The fun parts usually take up 10% of our time.

This applies to anyone  who has achieved  great heights in their field; i.e. sports, arts, relationship, business.

We all can use a little help to keep on track as Jim Rohn says, “That which is easy to do is easy to not do.”

My help comes not only from spiritual meditations, my business on line classes and my on line mentors but also my Essential Oils.  I always use Valor, Joy, and Harmony then I add the oil(s) for the day.  Some examples Light Your Fire, Live With Passion, Sacred Mountain, Believe, and Abundance.

Share below some of the tools you use to keep your momentum.

It’s So Fun

Untangling Earbuds Is The New…

On the subway, untangling earbuds is the new knitting. The woman across from me could have finished a cardigan by now.—Greg Preece, on


The Key To Eating Healthy…

The key to eating healthy is not eating any food that has a TV commercial.—Comedian Mike Birbiglia


Bark-alaureate of Fine Arts

My dog licked the crumbs out of my computer keyboard and earned an online college degree.—@SCbchbum



Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Luke who?

Luke through the keyhole to see!



Reagan:   On August 11, 1984, President Ronald Reagan was conducting a sound check for a radio program. “My fellow Americans,” he said, “I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” The joke was on him: The microphone was live and the entire world heard his words. Thus began National Presidential Joke day.

Reagan: Politics is suppose to be the second oldest profession…and I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

Why do Americans Chose from just 2 people for president and 50 for Miss America? (of course during our primary season there can be 50+)

Will Rogers: The trouble with practical jokes is very often they get elected! (No reference to the 2016 candidates)

President John Adams:  In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, three or more is a congress.



PIN number=Personal Identification Number number

ATM machine=Automatic Teller Machine machine

LCD display=Liquid Crystal Display display

Feeling the Love at Work

The STRESS chapter in the book “7” has this instruction for the Mid-Morning pause-3 hours after sunrise:

The Blessing Hour

This pause has two emphases:  1. Mindfulness of the Spirit’s abiding presence.  2. The sacredness of our hands and work.  Kahlil Gibran said, “Work is love made visible”

How could this work in our ordinary lives? I believe if we just pause and consider the possibility of  “making love visible through our work,” ideas will flow.  As I type I know this will work for me.  What works for you?  Thank you for leaving your comments below.

Joy, Humility, Gratitude, Common Sense, are a few of the oils that pop into my mind to help the love ideas flow.

A New Journey Again

Wow this book 7-an experimental  mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker is funny, provocative and head-shaking.  It is about limiting your resources for 30 days.  There are 7 areas and you do one area for 30 days. I am two pages into  chapter one.The chapter that is talking about the 7 foods she’s allowing herself for 30 days and I (a foody) was unwilling to do the program.  The next step was to let my study buddy/friend know that I no longer thought that this was a good idea.

What changed my mind? My young study buddy/friend changed my mind. She sat down read all 221 pages and declared, “I love this woman!” Yikes how could I, the older (supposedly wiser) one not be lead by the younger!!

My young friend suggested we pick our own order so food will be done on the 4th week.  She also suggested I read the whole thing.  After reading the chapter we’ll practice this week, STRESS I continued reading Chapter1 FOOD. When I finished the chapter I knew that I would be fine and I agreed, “This woman is unique.”

My suggestion is to read the book with no thought of doing it.  You’ll get a lot of insights. If you do it do it with buddies and do it your way.

We are only doing each challenge (there are 7 of them)  for a 7 day cycle not 30 days. No we aren’t avoiding anything we are going to repeat the cycles.

Oils for the journey will be Believe, Joy, Stress Away, and Sacred Mountain plus many more.

7 Belly Laughs

Dog Mom Is Always Right

“We’re eating dinner soon. Don’t fill up on homework.” —Dog mom   Alex Baze (@bazecraze)


The Paradox of Grown-Ups

I spend three minutes every day choosing a TV channel to leave on for my dog. Then I go to work, and people take me seriously as an adult. @damienfahey**********

The Case of The Imaginary Dogs

My niece was dragged into court by a neighbor who complained about her barking dogs. At one point, the judge asked the neighbor a question. The neighbor didn’t reply. “Sir, are you going to answer me?”

The neighbor leaped to his feet. “Are you talking to me?” he asked. “Sorry; I can’t hear a darn thing.”

The case was dismissed.    Helen Reynolds, Missoula, Montana **********

The Worst Page in The Dictionary

Just found the worst page in the entire dictionary. What I saw was disgraceful, disgusting, dishonest, and disingenuous.

@sixthformpoet ******

Mazel Tov, Mary!

Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard.   Andy Horowitz ***


“Dad?” —Zebra looking at a piano Sam Grittner*******

Snappy Answers to Bad Résumés

Professionals at the staffing agency Robert Half International have seen a lot of peculiar résumés. Here are some favorite gaffes, followed by wisecracks from the pros:

• Education: “I have a bachelorette degree in computers.” (The pajama party starts at 7 p.m.)

• Tools: “Human brain 1.0.” (We’ll wait for the upgrade.)

• References: “My landscaper.” (A reference who will give you two green thumbs up.)

• Date of Employment: “2002–9999.” (She’s earned her gold watch!)

• Experience: “Worked successfully on a team of one.” (I assume you all got along?)

From and Robert Half


I just wrote a post for October4th which is a momentous day in my life. It is a day that we have worked towards for 8 years. What I want to share is as I wrote the post I realized I was creating that day just as I want it to be. It was humbling to once again “learn” we are the power of creation to create.

Today I am seeing my opportunities, I am walking in love and light so others can see their opportunities, and I am creating with my thoughts that influence of peace and acceptance.

What does your “day creation” look like?

My oils of choice Gratitude, Valor, Build Your Dreams, and Joy.

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