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Bigger Than Me

This work of teaching others how to get from A to Z with joy, peace, and forgiveness just took on a new meaning. We are brought into the lives of others for many reasons and sometimes during the journey a big reason pops up.

I know that to use others as our example and to not use the highest example that lived is a set-up for disaster  99.999% of the time.  That isn’t true of this precious soul and today it has been proven that they are a safe example to love and appreciate. I was not ready to let go of this precious wise older soul. Today all that changed.

The thoughtless, selfish actions of a loved one has created a situation in this persons life that they  will live with to the end of their days.  This may be too much for my friend to bear.

What is the role that I play in this?

I will remember that tapping dispels those thoughts/emotions that we don’t want to have or act upon.  I will remember the power of Essential oils that can restore the emotional balance as well as strengthen the immune system so the physical body stays in a state of health.  I will use the  Essential Oils  to assist in the meditative/restorative quiet times so our soul’s can have true peace.

Today I use Frankincense, Stress Away, Joy, Surrender, Believe, Valor and Envision to name a few.


Too Unbelievable

True True True

PLOTTING YOUR AFTERLIFE; Classified ad: “For sale  cemetery plot, $200 so I don’t have to spend all eternity beside my ex!”

Modesto CA Herald: “Mrs.____ fell down stairs at her home this morning, breaking her myhodudududududududosy and suffered painful injuries”

Ohio Paper:  When a soldier came to the clinic, where I work, for an MRI, he was put into the machine by an attractive, young technician.  Sometime later, when the exam was over, he was helped out of the machine by a far older woman.  The soldier quizzically asked, “How long was I in there?”  J.K. NOVIA SCOTIA

When a 4 yr old was given this definition of a hipster:  Someone who will wear something just to look different, often buys clothes in thrift shops and wear thick glasses their next question was, “Is Grandma a hipster?”  E.S. Woodland, CA

For you who are there and you who might get there:

The day after visiting a fair, my wife was in agony.  ” You know you’re past your prime,” she said, “when you hurt all over and all you rode was the massage chair.” 

Now, Go Do the Right Thing.

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Oh Boy

As I seek new skills I am thrilled at how quickly I am given the information I need.  I am more and more relying less and less on me and accepting  the gifts that are mine for the taking.

I have been wanting teachers to work with me on upping some specific skills.  It seems that the teachers are within me.  As I do this  it does that, then I do that and it does something I didn’t even know was available.  This is exciting since I have been unsuccessful in engaging a flesh and blood teacher to work with.

I feel so confident in being able to enhance my skill level in one very important area to me.

Oils I am using-diffusing Purification to keep my physical environment at its best.


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