A New Journey Again

Wow this book 7-an experimental  mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker is funny, provocative and head-shaking.  It is about limiting your resources for 30 days.  There are 7 areas and you do one area for 30 days. I am two pages into  chapter one.The chapter that is talking about the 7 foods she’s allowing herself for 30 days and I (a foody) was unwilling to do the program.  The next step was to let my study buddy/friend know that I no longer thought that this was a good idea.

What changed my mind? My young study buddy/friend changed my mind. She sat down read all 221 pages and declared, “I love this woman!” Yikes how could I, the older (supposedly wiser) one not be lead by the younger!!

My young friend suggested we pick our own order so food will be done on the 4th week.  She also suggested I read the whole thing.  After reading the chapter we’ll practice this week, STRESS I continued reading Chapter1 FOOD. When I finished the chapter I knew that I would be fine and I agreed, “This woman is unique.”

My suggestion is to read the book with no thought of doing it.  You’ll get a lot of insights. If you do it do it with buddies and do it your way.

We are only doing each challenge (there are 7 of them)  for a 7 day cycle not 30 days. No we aren’t avoiding anything we are going to repeat the cycles.

Oils for the journey will be Believe, Joy, Stress Away, and Sacred Mountain plus many more.

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