A Pause Refreshes

This has been and is an enlightening experience. I knew that I would need new skills to do this part of the journey well. My self evaluation is that I need a lot of improvement. At the most there is only 2 days left of this leg of the journey.

I have always had deep admiration for those who do this type of work. Now I have a much  deeper respect for people in this field. A much deeper respect for the parents of special-needs children or special needs family members.

I realize that each person is unique. What would work in one case would not necessarily work in another.  I knew this coming in as I have done this type of work before.

I thought and it has been confirmed that the one thing that works in all cases is you must have love. Ancient wise men have told us that love is patient, long-suffering, kind, endureth all things, and is not easily provoked.

Dr. Len’s philosophy helps me keep the right perspective. “I am sorry, thank you for forgiving me, I love you, I am grateful, thank you.” (Zero Limits)

I have pretty much stuck with my balancing oils of Valor, Joy, Harmony, and White Angelica. Of course burning my Frankincense resin reminds me of what really is important. Present Time reminds me to share laughter & make it a blessed day.

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