The fastest route to joy is acceptance.  Create the reality that gives you joy. Enhance the positive of the moment.    Here are two true-life examples of joy spoilers and joy enhancers.

A father once told his daughter who was complaining about her husband, “Get out of your head.  This, what you and your husband have is marriage.  Not that fantasy you have in your head.”  (She was living her dream and he was working 6 days a week so she could.  She went out and had an affair.)

Two people were members of a small organization.  The one member talked about what fun she had, how helpful the other members were, and how much she learned each week.  The other member had nothing but complaints about the people, the program, and the fact it was a drag to be there. 

Only you can make lemonade out of the lemons life will hand you.

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