Brain Health

This quiz might give you some insight as to things to do to keep that brain healthy. It’s very short but informative.

Great brain information from the Big ALZ site.

Coconut oil is an important part of brain health.

Why do I bring this up?  You younger ones (under 40) have been bombarded since conception by things that attack your brains.  I am thinking primarily about the EMF-electro magnetic fields.  According to Olle Johansson,PhD the research shows we need to be paying attention.  EHS is real.

Can you protect yourselves?  That is for you to research and make choices on.

Essential Oils cross the blood brain barrier. Research has shown that the brain can heal when potent substances are given to it.  Dr. Stewart is a respected research scientist and an advocate/user of the potent Young Living Essential Oils products.

My brain oils and supplements from Young Living are: Mindwise, Brain Power, Frankincense, Omegagize and  Clarity.

Enjoy your wonderful brain and share what you do to keep it healthy.

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