Breath the Miracle of Life

As you do this wonderful relaxing exercise have your favorite oil(s) close at hand to enhance your experience. I like to diffuse, put some under my nose, or just have the bottles open where I can get a whiff.

Take A Breath

by Catherine Ann Cobeaga

Right now stop and feel yourself breathe. Notice the base of your rib cage. Does it flow in and out with each breath or do you feel a pulling toward center? Soften your belly now and breathe again. Does the rib cage begin to soften? Keep going. Slow, soft breaths with a soft belly. Now, soften the area around and behind your navel and keep breathing. Feel it. Be the breath. A few more breaths, please. Stay with this as long as you like.

Throughout the day stop and feel yourself breathe. Begin teaching your body to relax into your breath. It can only benefit you and it takes less than five minutes.

Aum shanti.

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