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 Explaining Appetizers 

It would be kinda embarrassing trying to explain what an appetizer is to someone from a starving country. “Yeah, the appetizer. That’s the food we eat before we have our food … No, no, you’re thinking of dessert. That’s food we eat after we have our food.” Jim Gaffigan

A Digital Dictionary

User: the word computer professionals use when they mean “idiot.”—Dave Barry

If You Stop Eating Doughnuts…

If you stop eating doughnuts you will live three years longer, but it’s just three more years that you’ll want a doughnut.—Lewis Black

Psychics Down On Their Luck?

Here’s something to think about: How come you never see a headline like “Psychic Wins Lottery”?—Jay Leno

Highway Adoption

At what age do you think it’s appropriate to tell a highway it’s adopted?—Zach Galifianakis

A Diamond Key

People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made.—Joan Rivers

16 Feet Later

You can measure distance by time. “How far away is it?” “Oh, about 20 minutes.” But it doesn’t work the other way. “When do you get off work?” “Around three miles.”—Jerry Seinfeld

Word for the Day

There is an experiment that I love to do.  I love it because it works.  I pick a word for the day to keep me focused on the right things.

I have some exciting life events happening. Success is assured as I  stay on task mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Today my word is fantastic. 

My oils for today are  Believe, Excite, & Rose.

Another Time To Enjoy

A Light-bulb Moment

To avoid taking down my Christmas lights, I’m turning my house into an Italian restaurant.  Patrick McLellan (@pmclellan)

Confessions of a Store Santa

While I was working as a store Santa, a boy asked me for an electric train set. “If you get your train,” I told him, “your dad is going to want to play with it too. Is that all right?”

The boy became very quiet. So, moving the conversation along, ?I asked, “What else would you like Santa to bring you?”

He promptly replied, “Another train.”  From

A Kid With A Dream

For Martin Luther King Day, ?I asked my fifth graders how they’d make the world a better place. One said, “I’d make potato skins a main dish rather than an appetizer.”

Jessica Castronovo, ?Manalapan, New Jersey

8 Days’ Worth

Mary goes to the post office to buy 50 stamps for her Hanukkah cards. “What denomination?” asks the postal clerk.

Mary thinks a second before ?replying, “Give me six Orthodox, ?12 Conservative, and 32 Reform.”

No Umbrellas at the North Pole?

Q: Why are Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen always wet?

A: Because they are rain deer.

Oh, iGet It

Q: What do you get when you combine a Christmas tree with an iPad?

A: A pineapple.

Becoming more organized:
My friend’s husband is always telling her that housekeeping would be a snap if only she would organize her time better. Recently he had a chance to put his theory into practice while his wife was away.

When I popped in one evening to see how he was managing, he crowed, “I made a cake, frosted it, washed the kitchen windows, cleaned all the cupboards, scrubbed the kitchen floor, walls and ceiling and even had a bath.”

I was about to concede that perhaps he was a better manager than his wife, when he added sheepishly, “When I was making the chocolate frosting, I forgot to turn off the mixer before taking the beaters out of the bowl, so I had to do all the rest.” — Mary I. Costain

Keeping the Momentum

We have been talking about our focus.  Today STOP and take inventory-what have you focused on in the last hour?  Texts? FaceBook? Personal e-mail? How much have you accomplished towards your goal(s)?  Are you surprised at the answer?  Do this several times through out the day and jot down where you improved.  Management of self results in greater productivity according to Darren Daily/Hardy.

Darren Daily gives wonderful daily action tips to help us keep our lives on the trajectory that we want.  Some oils that can give us emotional support are Clarity, Live Your Passion, Hope, Sacred Mountain, and Present Time.

How will you keep your momentum on this wonderful ride called life?

You Have It All

Louise Hay:  I act as if I already have what I want.  It is an excellent way to attract happiness into my life.

How would you think, walk, talk, dress, eat, act if you had your deepest hearts desire?  Start living that way and see what you attract. See what changes come into your life. Remember that gratitude is the ingredient that makes all lives sweeter.

Oils that will support this journey are many.  CLARITY  could bring it all together for you. It could help you to keep your focus so that you are successful in living a new way.


In many of the things I study the dominant theme is –Focus.   As Darren Hardy says, “It isn’t about time management it is about YOU management”.  Keeping your focus on what is important to do to take you one step closer to your goal.  Turning off the electronics during your productive hours.  Focus on being successful today.  If you are granted tomorrow focus on your being a success in that day.  Day by day creates the Compound Effect and you continue to build the life of your dreams.

Oh you haven’t written that goal down?? It has been proven that it is easier to keep the focus when you write it down.  Some oils that assist in this journey are Valor, Clarity, Believe, and Highest Potential.

How will you keep your focus during this extra busy time in your life?

Love Yourself and Love Others

It is an easy formula that we have heard many times.  Here’s a list from L. Hay on how to practice self-love.

My suggestion:  Take one idea and practice it for that day.  Write it down, carry it with you and do the affirmation.

**************************List of  10*******************************
Probably the most important key is to stop criticizing yourself. If we tell ourselves that we are okay, no matter what is going on, we can make changes in our lives easily. It is when we make ourselves bad that we have great difficulty.

We must also stop scaring ourselves. Many of us terrorize ourselves with frightful thoughts and make situations worse than they are. We take a small problem and make it into a big monster.

Another way is to be gentle and kind and patient with yourself. Most of us suffer from the expectation of immediate gratification. We must have it now. Impatience is a resistance to learning. We want the answers without learning the lesson or doing the steps that are necessary.

We must learn to be kind to our minds. Let’s not hate ourselves for having negative thoughts. We can think of our thoughts as building us up rather than beating us up.

The next step is to praise yourself. Criticism breaks down the inner spirit, and praise builds it up. Acknowledge your Power. We are all expressions of the Infinite Intelligence.

Loving yourself means supporting yourself. Reach out to friends and allow them to help you. You really are being strong when you ask for help when you need it.

Love your negatives. They are all part of your creation, just as we are all part of the Universe. The Intelligence that created us doesn’t hate us because we make mistakes. This Intelligence knows we are doing the best we can and loves all of Its creation, as we can love ours.

Take care of your body. This was the topic of my email last week, however it bears repeating. Think of your body as a marvelous house in which you live for a while. You would love your house and take care of it, wouldn’t you? So, watch what you put into your body.

I often emphasize the importance of mirror work in order to find out the cause of an issue that keeps us from loving ourselves. Look in the mirror first thing in the morning and say: “I love you. What can I do for you today? How can I make you happy?” Listen to your inner voice, and start following through with what you hear.

Finally, love yourself now – don’t wait until you get it right. If you can love and approve of yourself now, then when good comes into your life, you will be able to enjoy it. Once you learn to love yourself, you can begin to love and accept other people too.
Loving yourself is a wonderful adventure; it’s like learning to fly. Imagine if we all had the power to fly at will? How exciting it would be!

The oils of Harmony, Acceptance,and Believe will support you on your journey.

Approaching A Historic Day

In 1963 tomorrow was a day that changed the lives of two small children and plunged a nation into mourning.  Like 9/11 2001– November 23, 1963 is a date many will always remember.  December 7, 1941 very few remember anymore.  These dates played a huge part in lives worldwide and now they are unimportant to the majority of the world.

To me it is important to keep our corner of the world clean of ‘war’ and promote peace in our relationships.  My oil of Hope keeps me focused on what I need to do to promote peace.

Great Men

I am studying about a man I have heard about most of my life but I didn’t really understand his place in history.  This man was deeply hated by the great king and queen of his time.  He was the only man who stood up, spoke up, and acted on his beliefs/faith.  This man was alone and yet he accomplished all that was asked of him to do.  This man is the great prophet Elijah.  His story is in the book about the historical events of Israel/Judah during the reign of Ahab & Jezebel; IKings 17 to IIKings 2:1-15 or you can buy the study book like I did and get an even deeper perspective of this ancient prophet.

You won’t find this man on any list of “The World’s Greatest Men” but as I study his life and actions I realize that this is the kind of person I want to be.

The Young Living essential oils remind me of the power we have in us from our creator.  The power to be a force for good with and for our creator. We have so many wonderful tools at our fingertips that help us engage this power.  Magnify Your Purpose, Believe, Highest Potential, Live With Passion, and Light Your Fire are a few examples of essential oils that keep me on the path to excellence.

How do you keep your ‘Love for Life’ flame burning?

The Meet and Greet Party Called Life

Stepping into a new experience, recreating your life, going into new realms where you have never gone before is exhilarating, scary, fun, nerve racking, eye opening, exhausting, and essential.

These emotions are real.  Emotions flood our brains much faster than our conscious thoughts and can run/ruin our lives. There is hope because we can harness their power to drive us where we want to go.  Here are some techniques I use to harness that emotional power and put it to work for me. (Imagine what it is like to turn anger into action for good in your life.  To switch that impatient habit into conscious use of time.) I believe in changing the things you can and letting go of those things you have no power to change.

  1. I use EFT or tapping  to rewire my sub-conscious brain.
  2. The Young Living oils I use for balance are Valor, Joy, Harmony and the protection oil of  White Angelica.
  3.  I affirm I am safe.  It is only change.

As I step into many new experiences these techniques and my oils with prayer/meditation keep my vision clear (Clarity  oil), my resolve constant (Valor oil), and my smile bright (Joy oil).

Share with us how you meet and greet the exhilarating, scary, fun, nerve racking, eye opening, exhausting, and essential changes in your life.

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