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Loving to Laugh

Great True Entrepreneur Story

As a young man just out of basic training at the end of World War II, my father-in-law, Robert Furgason, needed a job. Somehow, he decided to sell popcorn.

Building materials were hard to come by, so Dad made his wagon entirely out of recycled items. A pingpong table became the floor, a Model T frame was the chassis, and the sides were made of Masonite walls with removable screens. A traveling sign painter added color and class for just $25.

Dad asked his Uncle Harry to co-sign a $100 loan for the popper and a peanut roaster, and then he was in business—and business was brisk! During his first weekend, Dad made enough to pay back the loan. He sold his popcorn for 10 cents a small box, 25 cents for a family-size box. Peanuts cost 15 cents. The prices never changed during the seven years Dad owned the wagon.

The wagon was movable, but it mostly stayed in one place: across from a lively park where dances and picnics were often held. On a busy night, Dad would make at least $100, selling to a line that stretched quite a ways. His humble business, combined with the GI Bill and his day job at a lumberyard, paid his way through college

*********Electricity…Electricity is really just organized lightning.  George Carlin

*********Sounding Off….I was with a friend in a café when a noisy car alarm interrupted our conversation. “What good are car alarms when no one pays any attention to them?” I wondered aloud.

“Some are quite effective,” my friend corrected me. “Last summer, my teenager spent a lot of time at the neighbors’. Whenever I wanted him home, I’d go out to our driveway and jostle his car.” S. Moore

*******Forecast….Vacationing in Vermont, I picked up the local paper to check out the forecast. It read: Today: Sunny, 76. Tonight: Not so sunny, 55.  Norrine Trono

*******Beach Date….Our first day at a resort my wife and I decided to hit the beach. When I went back to our room to get something to drink, one of the hotel maids was making our bed. I grabbed my cooler and was on my way out when I paused and asked, “Can we drink beer on the beach?”

“Sure,” she said, “but I have to finish the rest of the rooms first.”  L. Allard

*******Noisy by Nature…Some people just aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about. I stayed in a beautiful hotel right on the beach in California — an idyllic spot, you would think. But while I was waiting to check out, I heard the manager ask another guest, “Did you enjoy your stay?”

“Not really,” the man said grimly.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” the manager apologized.

“What was the problem?”

“The surf was too loud.”  Daniel Vargas

******* Something’s Fishy….While in the men’s room at a beach park in Florida, I noticed they had a plastic baby-changing table installed on the wall. Apparently, some sportsmen had co-opted this politically correct amenity for their own use. Above the table was a sign saying: “It is unlawful to clean fish on this table.”  Cliff Revell

A Time to Review

It’s easy to say we know good things are coming, we know this too shall pass, we know…. it is another thing to live it.

Imagine that it’s 8 o’clock in the morning, there is a sight drizzle, you are  looking for an address on foot, and getting more discouraged by the second. You know that giving up is not an option. You walk back to your vehicle and get out your notebook. What do you discover? You had the address wrong. You drive to find the address and then to find a parking space only to discover you’re parking in the original place you were in at 8 o’clock in the morning.  Where you went and where you wanted to go  were only two blocks apart.

This is when the script says; starts to laugh hysterically and people passing by give her a wide berth.

I have used a lot of my Believe oil today. And yes good things are just around the corner.

This Is Quite the Journey

The day was incredible.  I watched him face each challenge with calm assurance and it was humbling. I observed him interacting with the customer service reps with respect and dignity. The greatest miracle of the day was when he was told to, “..walk over to that truck and say Hi to your brother.”  I’ll never forget that moment.  It only took 27 years for this man to realize how much he is loved and how great he is. I am in awe of this man, my son.

The oils of the day were Valor, Joy, and Harmony.  These oils kept me grounded and didn’t overwhelm him.

Keeping Focus When We Are Wanting to Go Into Chaos

Darren Daily is always demanding us to keep on keeping on.  It is a game changer for the DD community. The message on September 13th was about the changing times in business, in relationships, and in life in general.  He suggested action steps and gave us works sheets. (That’s what makes it easy to implement his ideas. That and the fact the DD team is doing all this stuff too.)

Sign up and see if you are ready for what it takes to play in the biggest game of all-Life.

My essential oil that keeps me going today it is BELIEVE.

The Wonder of Trust

I like the story of Jehoshaphat, an ancient king, who had dreadfully powerful enemies  coming after his people. He was afraid. He was a man who feared God.  His fear of God was greater than his fear of his enemy.When God’s prophet told him, ‘You will not need to fight in this battle” Jehoshaphat believed him and did everything he was asked to do.

The enemy was conquered and Jehoshaphat’s people were saved.       2Chronicles 19:15-27.

It is a wonderful thing when we find that power that we can trust.  That power we can rely on to be our guide and comforter.  Where will you find that power?

My oils will be Valor to stand firm, Believe to be steadfast and Joy and Gratitude to sing praises night and day.


The Day Is Here

The completion of 8 years happens today.  It is the dawn of new beginnings. A new day with a new journey which we will share together. It starts with no fanfare, no media, no noise makers, balloons or cake and ice cream.  It starts with tears.

This day will be marked with tears. Tears of such deep gratitude words are inadequate.   Tears that declare:  This is a day of birth, a day of major change, a day of building, a day that is actually the greatest day of our lives thus far.

This day contains unlimited opportunities after a time of so little opportunities.  This day has unlimited hugs after a time of no hugs.  This day has unlimited choices after a time of limited choices. This day is a treasure and a gift.  I will honor this day forever because you have done the necessary things to make sure this was a day of celebration.

I will rejoice in this day. The gratefulness and joy we feel today will be fed everyday so that our lives abound more and more in joy.

What is one thing you do to make sure you abound in joy?

My essential oils for today, Grounding, Joy, Valor, Harmony, and Gratitude.


I Am Cracking Up

Apparently taking a day off is not something you should do when you work for a calendar company.


I heard Apple is designing a new automatic car. But they’re having trouble installing windows.


“Why is there music coming out of your printer?”

“That will be the paper jamming again!”


What would you call the child of a vampire and a snowman? Frostbite.


The struggle is real for the ferret – if a female ferret in heat doesn’t find a mate, she can die.


In the USA, there are more Chinese restaurants than all the McDonald’s, KFCs, Burger Kings and Wendy’s put together.


A 12-year-old girl from Ethiopia was kidnapped by four men on her way from school. A week later the whole group was accosted by three lions who chased the men away and stayed with the girl without harming her, only leaving when the police arrived, looking for her.


Funny town names:
Shitterton, England
Hell, Michigan
Why, Arizona
Whynot, Mississippi
Bastardstown, Ireland
Batman, Turkey (at one point, they threatened to sue Warner Bros)
Beaverlick, Kentucky
Bitchfield, England
Boring, Oregon (became a twin city with Dull, Scotland)
Bra, Italy
Catbrain, England
Cockburn Town, Turks and Calcos Islands
Cocks, Cornwall
Condom, France
Dicktown, New Jersey
Embarrass, Minnesota
Cut and Shoot, Texas
Faggot Hill, Massachusett

Hey they say that these are for real.

Until we meet again keep that beautiful smile lighting up your world.


More jokes at:

Wonderful Fellowhip

Last night we had a miracle evening of good food, stimulating conversation and fun.  There was one 50ish couple, 2 long time divorcees, 1 long time widow  and a young man in his 3os.

The dinner was the reason we came together but the fellowship was the reason the evening was such a huge success.  Each one has weathered life well.  They have created their own slice of heaven on earth and live their christian values.  The ages ranged from 31 to 79 and there was no generation gap.  Some of us  have have known each other over 40 years except for the youngest who has been here 2 years.

It is times like this that I give awesome thanks for the values that bind me to my friends. My oil is Gratitude.

Share with us an evening that was a memory you will cherish for a long time.

Keeping the Momentum

When we have a goal that is based on an event; a baby being born, a graduation, it is easy to keep our focus and momentum.  When the goal is less defined i.e., healing a hurting heart, peace after chaos, the momentum towards the goal has to be constant.

What are the things to feed your brain as your belief/faith wains?  Here are some of the things I have said/used when I got impatient with the waiting these past 8 years; steady on, it will happen, let us remember what we are working towards and of course using the wonderful essential oils of Valor for courage, Believe/Hope to keep going, Surrender to let go of the doubt, and Joy to know that the day we have worked toward for 8 years is just around the corner. In 12 days it should happen, probably will happen, or be very close to happening!

What are some of the things you do to keep your focus and momentum going? Share in the comments below.


Grind It Out

Darren Daily often reminds us that 90% of what we do to achieve our goals in the 7 OOLa areas is redundant. The things we do to keep focused are necessary and repetitive. The disciplines we engage to “Grind IT Out” are what separate us from the have nots to the haves. There is no magic to success but there is concerted steady work that ensures our success.  The fun parts usually take up 10% of our time.

This applies to anyone  who has achieved  great heights in their field; i.e. sports, arts, relationship, business.

We all can use a little help to keep on track as Jim Rohn says, “That which is easy to do is easy to not do.”

My help comes not only from spiritual meditations, my business on line classes and my on line mentors but also my Essential Oils.  I always use Valor, Joy, and Harmony then I add the oil(s) for the day.  Some examples Light Your Fire, Live With Passion, Sacred Mountain, Believe, and Abundance.

Share below some of the tools you use to keep your momentum.

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