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Louise Hay Practical Wisdom

Remember, our feelings are thoughts in action. They serve purpose, and when you let them go from your body and mind, you allow space inside for more positive experiences.

After you release your emotions you must also forgive. Forgiveness is your freedom to peace.

Go into your higher power and seek guidance to release negative feelings. Find the love within you and send love out to the person you feel is causing your angst.

As a Louise Hay teacher I can tell you that this is profound wisdom.  Valor, Forgiveness, Believe, and Joy are some of the oils I use to assist me on this journey to my WOW.

Love Yourself and Love Others

It is an easy formula that we have heard many times.  Here’s a list from L. Hay on how to practice self-love.

My suggestion:  Take one idea and practice it for that day.  Write it down, carry it with you and do the affirmation.

**************************List of  10*******************************
Probably the most important key is to stop criticizing yourself. If we tell ourselves that we are okay, no matter what is going on, we can make changes in our lives easily. It is when we make ourselves bad that we have great difficulty.

We must also stop scaring ourselves. Many of us terrorize ourselves with frightful thoughts and make situations worse than they are. We take a small problem and make it into a big monster.

Another way is to be gentle and kind and patient with yourself. Most of us suffer from the expectation of immediate gratification. We must have it now. Impatience is a resistance to learning. We want the answers without learning the lesson or doing the steps that are necessary.

We must learn to be kind to our minds. Let’s not hate ourselves for having negative thoughts. We can think of our thoughts as building us up rather than beating us up.

The next step is to praise yourself. Criticism breaks down the inner spirit, and praise builds it up. Acknowledge your Power. We are all expressions of the Infinite Intelligence.

Loving yourself means supporting yourself. Reach out to friends and allow them to help you. You really are being strong when you ask for help when you need it.

Love your negatives. They are all part of your creation, just as we are all part of the Universe. The Intelligence that created us doesn’t hate us because we make mistakes. This Intelligence knows we are doing the best we can and loves all of Its creation, as we can love ours.

Take care of your body. This was the topic of my email last week, however it bears repeating. Think of your body as a marvelous house in which you live for a while. You would love your house and take care of it, wouldn’t you? So, watch what you put into your body.

I often emphasize the importance of mirror work in order to find out the cause of an issue that keeps us from loving ourselves. Look in the mirror first thing in the morning and say: “I love you. What can I do for you today? How can I make you happy?” Listen to your inner voice, and start following through with what you hear.

Finally, love yourself now – don’t wait until you get it right. If you can love and approve of yourself now, then when good comes into your life, you will be able to enjoy it. Once you learn to love yourself, you can begin to love and accept other people too.
Loving yourself is a wonderful adventure; it’s like learning to fly. Imagine if we all had the power to fly at will? How exciting it would be!

The oils of Harmony, Acceptance,and Believe will support you on your journey.

Time for Endorphin Release

The science behind the healing benefits of laughter and the Endorphin connection.


What are My Options?

Scene: Me using the Siri app on my iPhone.

Me: Siri, call my wife.

Siri: Samantha McLaughlin is not in your contacts.

Me: Samantha Gibbs is my wife.

Siri: I’ve added Samantha Gibbs as your wife.

Me: Call my wife.

Siri: Which wife?     T.  Gibbs, Visalia, California

No—I Prefer to Push

Recently, I woke up to find that two of my car’s tires had been stolen. When the police officer arrived, he asked, “When were you last driving the car?”

“Last night at 11:00,” I said.

“And the tires were on it then?”    J. Rice, Englewood, Florida

Taken For a Ride

From a passenger of the Vacaville, California, public bus company:

Dear Sir,
I would like to commend driver Lea ?Schroeder for the following reasons:
1. She frequently doesn’t stop for me when I’m waiting at the bus stop, but she always waves as she goes by.
2. If she’s running behind, she tells me, “Sit your butt down,” in a courteous way.
3. She nearly comes to a complete stop now when I disembark, so I haven’t fallen in almost a week.
4. Although she usually gives me ?wrong instructions on which bus to ?take, I enjoy riding all around Vacaville on the different routes.
5. The way she suddenly starts and stops, rides the rear bumper of the car ahead, and pulls several Gs of force when she turns corners unfailingly ?elevates my heart rate. This has obvious health benefits.

Once again, I would like to commend Lea Schroeder for her outstanding work.

Sincerely yours,
Robert V.       From Lea Schroeder, Vacaville, California, a bus driver with a great sense of humor

Department of Manic Voices

The DMV was as crowded and noisy as ever. When I finally got to the ?window, I asked the clerk, “Does the never-ending line of loud people ever drive you crazy?”
She shook her head. “We call it job security.”   A. Cliburn, Van Nuys, California

Urine Trouble Now

An irate patient called our pathology group, demanding that I explain every lab test on her statement. “Of course,” I said. I brought up her bill: “Number one, urinalysis …”

She interrupted me: “I’m a what?!”    —From

Brain Health

This quiz might give you some insight as to things to do to keep that brain healthy. It’s very short but informative.

Great brain information from the Big ALZ site.

Coconut oil is an important part of brain health.

Why do I bring this up?  You younger ones (under 40) have been bombarded since conception by things that attack your brains.  I am thinking primarily about the EMF-electro magnetic fields.  According to Olle Johansson,PhD the research shows we need to be paying attention.  EHS is real.

Can you protect yourselves?  That is for you to research and make choices on.

Essential Oils cross the blood brain barrier. Research has shown that the brain can heal when potent substances are given to it.  Dr. Stewart is a respected research scientist and an advocate/user of the potent Young Living Essential Oils products.

My brain oils and supplements from Young Living are: Mindwise, Brain Power, Frankincense, Omegagize and  Clarity.

Enjoy your wonderful brain and share what you do to keep it healthy.


Our Oola Balance oil has taught me that time is my friend.  An open heart often leads and doesn’t always engage the brain to think things through. Our oils of Common Sense and Clarity often help us to see the bigger picture and bring into focus what the best choices are for us to make.

A friend is hurting.  Her siblings are showing her what they truly are and it is hard to accept.  It appears that the LOVE of money is at the root of this evil. She was the one that brought these powerful Young Living products to me.  We have known each other for over 20 years. Many good things are coming from this experience but I so want to be a physical part of this journey.  As I use my oils I know that I will have Clarity on my role. Do I go to her or is my role to be a different type of support?

The oils I’ll use are Frankincense for spiritual uplifting, Release to let go of my ideas, Surrender to what is best for all, and  Joy knowing that the best decision has been made.


Our Brain Health

Did you know that physical movement creates a response in the brain that increases brain health?  Did you know that the brain can actually shrink when physical movement is to low?  Did you know that we can easily support brain health by simple changes in our foods?  Did you know that Alzheimer is now being called Type III Diabetes?

Dr. Debora Gordan:        Daniel Amen, MD   Christopher Shade, PhD

These are just 3 of the presenters at the  Alzheimer & Dementia Summit. Some great information that is easy to implement.

Ole Johansson,PhD from Sweden shared the evidence of the Electro Magnetic Fielsds (EMF) effects on brain health–Wireless is the biggest culprit.  Some easy and affordable solutions to protect your grey matter and it does matter folks.

So glad for the effectiveness of the Young Living essential oils to keep my brain healthy, the Young Living supplements like Omegagize, the oils like BrainPower, and the education on nutrition that supports brain health. True Grit explains  why I will only buy Young Living’s Einkorn flour that they produce from ancient seeds.

So good to have confidence in the products you use to support your systems.

Share with us the commitment you have to your brain health.

Changing Up

Your oily blog will be coming on Tues/Thurs/Sat. Why…? Why Not!!!!

When you are involved with a Health company you sometimes hesitate to share. This blog will now be about not only oil but new FDA approved products from my Young Living Essential Oil Company. I am an independent distributor of this company.

A few nights ago I had just returned from the YLEO Convention. My friend who is 75 years old and 100 pounds overweight, had been diagnosed with arthritic back pain. The doctor told her all the pain in her body is radiating from that one spot in her back.

We put some of the new pain cream on her back that evening. The next morning she got up and took a one mile walk. She has been unable to walk for almost 11 months. That evening she still was moving with grace and ease.

I wept when she told me about this. It is so exciting to have a company working hand-in-hand with the needs of our population to give us relief. This is an FDA-approved pain relieving product. Click on the link below to order.

Success Assured

Motivation does come in a bottle, an Essential Oil bottle.  So does Common Sense. How can you be anything but a success when you can have Believe at your fingertips? En-r-Gee when you are waining and an Abundance  of other great Clarity oils to support you on your journey.

If you are really serious about getting to a different level of physical health use the best anti-oxidant that is on the market-NingxiaRed.

Want to order:  #259759 for the Enroller & Sponsor.  Drink to your health.

1.   a substance that inhibits oxidation, especially one used to counteract the deterioration of stored food products.
2.   a substance such as vitamin C or E that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism.

Just the act of healthy living creates oxidation in our bodies.  Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions that may damage cells. Antioxidants such as thiols or ascorbic acid (vitamin C) terminate these chain reactions.

Free Radical-Bad Boy     Antioxidant-tames the Bad Boy


Compound Effect

I am very conscious that next week has great opportunities that require focus, daily action, and consistency.

My balance oils of Valor, Joy, and Harmony are my constant companions.  I am daily selecting my action/focus/and consistency oils: Live with Passion, Build Your Dream, Present Time, Clarity, Stress Away and Sacred Mountain.  These will get me started and it is up to me to keep going. My Common Sense oil is the perfect antidote to panic.

My wonderful anti-oxidant drink Ningxia Red is always a major player in my life.  Now more than ever I need this power house drink to keep me vibrant and alive for this new journey I am embarking on.

Breath the Miracle of Life

As you do this wonderful relaxing exercise have your favorite oil(s) close at hand to enhance your experience. I like to diffuse, put some under my nose, or just have the bottles open where I can get a whiff.

Take A Breath

by Catherine Ann Cobeaga

Right now stop and feel yourself breathe. Notice the base of your rib cage. Does it flow in and out with each breath or do you feel a pulling toward center? Soften your belly now and breathe again. Does the rib cage begin to soften? Keep going. Slow, soft breaths with a soft belly. Now, soften the area around and behind your navel and keep breathing. Feel it. Be the breath. A few more breaths, please. Stay with this as long as you like.

Throughout the day stop and feel yourself breathe. Begin teaching your body to relax into your breath. It can only benefit you and it takes less than five minutes.

Aum shanti.

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