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The official birthdate for Young Living Essential Oils is 1994.  I joined the ranks in 1999.  I didn’t share until 2004.  I wanted to be sure that what I was hearing was true.  I wanted to be sure that there was integrity behind the product, the information and the results.  I have never been disappointed even with all the bumps in the road that we have had when a company has such exponential growth. To join this march to wellness through God’s essences click on Essential Oils Plus.

 Twenty years, and still going strong! Meet the Young Living founders: “Turning a passion into a profession is a dream…

An official news article on Young Living Essential Oils, LC,

LEHI, Utah, Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Young Living Essential Oils, LC, is now one step closer to realizing its vision of bringing essential oils to every home, announcing today that 2015 sales surpassed $1 billion. This significant milestone reflects the passion of its millions of members, unmatched product innovation, and the leadership of CEO Mary Young and founder and essential oil pioneerD. Gary Young.

“We celebrate this milestone with sincere gratitude to our dedicated members, who work tirelessly to bring the purpose-driven benefits of Young Living to people around the world,” says Travis Ogden, Chief Operating Officer. “We truly believe Young Living offers unmatched opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of millions.”

The explosive growth in recent years reflects the increasing acceptance of essential oils, pioneered by Young Living, under the leadership of D. Gary Young, 23 years ago. This continued momentum has allowed Young Living to expand its global presence, including:

a.. Maintaining current operations in 14 global markets, with three more being added in 2016
b.. Employing more than 2,000 employees worldwide
c.. Launching more than 500 essential oils and essential-oil infused products
d.. Opening a new call center in 2015 to house 500 employees, with an expected 50 percent increase in additional staff in 2016
e.. Expanding and renovating its global distribution center to more than double shipping capacity, triple manufacturing capability, and serve millions of customers every month
f.. Adding additional corporate-owned farms and distilleries in Europe and Canada
g.. Continuing to set the gold standard of essential oil quality through its unique Seed to Seal® commitment (
h.. Expanding and magnifying philanthropic endeavors through the Young Living Foundation across the world, including projects inUganda, Croatia, Nepal, Ecuador, and Cambodia, thanks to the generosity of Young Living members
“From our humble beginnings until now, these milestones are significant because they demonstrate the power of authenticity and our unwavering commitment to quality,” says Jared Turner, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “We will always stay true to our roots while we continue to innovate and lead the essential oil movement.”

About Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils, LC, is the world leader in essential oils with a strict Seed to Seal® process to produce pure essential oil products for every individual, family, and lifestyle. This process ensures that all products are authentic, free of synthetic chemicals, and 100-percent pure. This commitment stems from more than 20 years of the company’s stewardship toward the earth and its people. Young Living’s products are grown and distilled at its eight farms around the world. For more information,

Media Contact:

Jamie Kaneko
Sr. Public Relations Manager


I just discovered that Dr. Hew Lin has some great interviews on You Tube.

You all have probably read Zero Limits and know much more about Dr. Lin and the ‘data erasing’ technique than I do.  I believe the caveat “and I totally Love and accept myself” as I do the data erasing will rid me of harsh self-judgment.

Watching the series of 9 videos makes me realize that I am attracting into my life through this blog great teachers.  Thank you for being here for me and me for you.

Oils as I Tap and erase data:

Believe   Joy    Surrender    3 WiseMen   Valor and Harmony


The Tapping Summit was a great gift I gave to myself.  I certainly hope many of you took advantage of this gift to learn about Tapping or to advance your skills.

I am so grateful that Nick Ortner’s presentation was eye catching and that I tried Tapping for the second time in my life.  I   completely  understand if you aren’t ready to do Tapping as a viable tool to increase the beauty in your life.  You will do it when you are ready.

I can only share that all of my circle that is doing the Tapping is having results.  Some are impressive and all are life changing.

When I am stuck and not tapping I can tap on that!!

The oil of Believe keeps me moving forward with these modalities.

A big thanks to all of you who share your action steps with me.

One More Day

Another name to add to your resource list for health and healing through you applying energy techniques:  DONNA EDEN.

This practitioner knows her stuff and has been working on this level with people for years.  Her you Tube videos are very good.

As a certified Louise Hay teacher I am excited to combine my oils with the tapping and the meridian clearing.

Watch out world we are going for  a wonder filled ride; on a race horse through safe open meadows or in a Ferrari or on a carpet or…

What a great experience this is.

My oils to diffuse, wear or hold:  Valor to keep going forth  Gratitude to let that pure energy flow uninterrupted  Joy to proclaim this wonderous journey  Harmony to stay aligned with the purpose  Sacred Angel/White Angelica  to protect all that is precious

TAPPING SUMMIT 2-22-2016 THRU 3-3-2016

I hope you who follow Tapping are doing this Summit.  You can still register.  It is free.  I am sure you have done summits on line before.  This one has 2 speakers daily, starts at 8p.m. EST, and is free for 24 hours.  Of course you can buy the presentation as that is the goal of these summits. The cost is minimal.  I am thoroughly enjoying the presentation.  Can you guess what combination of oils I have diffusing as I listen???


Today was a day of ‘I should..’ and I wasn’t! My thoughts were heavy.  I used my Happy Sunshiny Day Oils–Valor on the wrist   Joy over the heart and  Harmony on the solar plexus.  Shortly after that I got a call, “Are you free at 3:30 to meet us for a cup of coffee?”  Two very special men.  Men of a great God. Great encouragement to me to have some one on one time with them.

It’s past my bed time and I am on my 3rd wind.  Wonder if I will need sleep tonight. [Lavender might help in that department.]

The coffee was a very special type. I seldom drink coffee. I do enjoy great coffee so it is worth the late night productive time I am being blessed with!

What do you do as a special treat knowing that the treat is worth the consequences?


Our first date is set for a little program, just me.  A dear friend will host it in their home in February.  I am excited, nervous, happy, scared, grateful, and etc.  My oils Valor for courage   Joy to remember the beauty music is   Harmony so that all my cells are working towards the same goal   Gratitude that I have extra help from my heavenly hosts so will use extra White Angelica and Sacred Angel.

We are working on a date in March for a bigger program.

Tapping (EFT) on all points using the oils of Abundance  Building your Dream   Believe   Motivation (daily taking steps to the goal) Live With Passion and Magnify Your Purpose.

Exciting stuff.  What are you taking on in your life that scare, excites, and exhilarates you?

TOMORROW is the day.  I am listening to Golden Oldies and dancing the nerves away!!!


I live  life as though everything is wonderful. It is always a wake up call when I perceive people as acting in a dictatorial, ‘I am in charge and know it all’ way.  This  is my perspective.  I am happy to report that I am more able to let it go, go with the flow, and move

The oils  are a big part of this process as well as daily meditation and EFT.  I am thrilled to share with you about EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique and how it helps me with this process of living in bliss.



EFT Universe

These are 3 sites that are respected in this field.  I use tapping for everything.  Don’t ask me how it works.  Just ask me if it works. Yes it does.  Is it a placebo?  Who cares as long as I am shifting my thoughts from  @*#&$^ to :].  

Tapping works with or without oils.  I of course use the oils and have wonderful gifts coming into my life.

Present Time, Joy, Valor, and Harmony are daily applications.

Share with me how you make your day a beautiful bouquet.


I was definitely feeling like I was in a whirl.  In the desert we get these “Tasmanian dust devils” and that was how my brain was feeling–whirr whirr whirr.  There are a lot of things I want to accomplish today (Oh joy the sun just came out and it isn’t even quite noon) and I knew I had to apply my ‘skills’.

I reviewed mentally the steps I knew to take that help bring in calm and order:

Make a list of all the things whirring in your brain.

Prioritize the list.

Get to work.

So the lists are made the whirring has slowed to a manageable buzz and production is up.

My oils Clarity, Present Time, and Joy.

Get In The Flow

The tools I use daily to enhance my life, keep me on track, and give me the proverbial kick when I just wanted to quit.

Darren Hardy-Darren Daily   Daily mentoring for all areas of your life.

EFT   Emotional Freedom Technique  Nick Ortner You Tube    A FUN quick way to think things differently.  Of all the ones I have tried and researched I like Mr. Ortner the best.

Young Living Essential Oils You Tube–  An overview of the importance of knowing the power of high grade Seed to Seal essential oils.

OOLA  — 2 great young guys that share ways to balance 7 areas of your life.  They are partnering with Young Living and have a whole oil kit to help with growth in these 7 areas, Fitness, Family, Finance, Faith, Field, (job) Fun, and Friends.  To buy the kit go to 1.  2. Under Products clink on  Essential Oils & Blends  3.  On right hand side click on collections  Scroll down to Infused 7  If you want to buy it it takes a process (we aren’t Amazon!!)  My number is #259759 or if you need support 702-419-5371.  PST zone.

These guys have a 21 day fitness challenge I am doing and a 30 day download challenge.  You might find it interesting.


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