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Unique Day

I have been doing the “List of 3”  the 6.2 billion dollar bit of advice given through Darren Daily.  I make that list fluid; and amazingly enough I still get the 3 things done or at least tackled that made up the original list.

Of course I believe that my oils like, En-R-GEE, VALOR, JOY, BELIEVE, and others keep me on track and in integrity with my original intent.

What else made this day unique?  I tried to entertain at a senior living complex today. All are self-reliant residents and some are very interesting. We ran into some very angry residents who shut down my attempts. (Unlike when I play in the assisted living facilities. Those residents  beg me to keep playing.) This experience has an up side.  I met 4 residents that loved my act and helped me have fun inspite of the bitchy old ones.  It was so sweet that one of the “4” said that some people just have very sensitive ears.  Now that’s a kind spirit.



Time To Get Back TO-IT

I gave myself 2 days off from practicing so I could feel the joy of success. Very interesting things happened.  I got a lot of little things accomplished in the home office, I was looking forward to practicing again, I did all my daily routine (except practice) which created productivity in other areas of my life, and I believe that I will take at least one day off from “heavy” practice per week and just play that day.

I used a lot of my Relaxation massage oil to help keep the bliss going.  My tapping wasn’t used except for some things my friends are working on.  I had decided if the bliss slipped I would tap on that!!

I have also decided to add Yoga Nidra to my exercise routine.  It has helped me tremendously on this journey. There are many great You Tube teachers.

As Darren Daily said in his Finding Your Passion series, “I vacation to rest so I can get back to work!”  I agree!



The first piano performance in 20 years has been completed. The success wasn’t just in presenting the music in its beauty it was all the personal fears I stepped through and they were numerous.

The week before the performance I was diligently tracking all the things I needed to do to make sure I was prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The steps I took were:

1. I exercised so my body stayed strong and flexible, ate the foods that keep my brain alert,

2. Played the program knowing that the results of performance day would be fine, used the oils and visualized having a great time, enjoying myself, and playing with all the heart I have and tapping-“I perform with grace and ease”.

3. Took quiet time and thanked God for this opportunity, had a mission statement; I am excited, nervous, exhilarated, scared, grateful…

4.  And turned on the rock and roll of my youth and danced my nerves away.

Share the fear you have stepped into and came out the other side a new YOU.


The day has arrived.

Oil: Joy  That  friends are gathering to enjoy the beautiful gift of music.   Gratitude That there are those who are sharing this old/new journey with me.  Believe that the music will be played beautifully. Dream Catcher, Live With Passion and Surrender to the fun  of the moment.

Meditation & Tapping:  Letting It Be Easy   I have done all I can do for this performance.  Accept the results with joy.

I have been using EFT tapping and oils to stay in Present Time (yes that is an oil).  This has helped me enjoy each day and the beauty it had to offer while I was getting ready for today, March 9 2016.  The is the first time I have performed since 1996.  It feels good, scary, safe, exhilarating, frightening, and wonderful.

Why am I doing this?  1.  I was told by my music mentor, “You must share your music with the world.  So few people play and even fewer play well. It is becoming a dying art.”   2.  I believe this is a great way to do fundraisers for my favorite charity, Young Living Foundation.  More on that in the next blog.

What steps are your taking in your life to share your gift(s)?


Our first date is set for a little program, just me.  A dear friend will host it in their home in February.  I am excited, nervous, happy, scared, grateful, and etc.  My oils Valor for courage   Joy to remember the beauty music is   Harmony so that all my cells are working towards the same goal   Gratitude that I have extra help from my heavenly hosts so will use extra White Angelica and Sacred Angel.

We are working on a date in March for a bigger program.

Tapping (EFT) on all points using the oils of Abundance  Building your Dream   Believe   Motivation (daily taking steps to the goal) Live With Passion and Magnify Your Purpose.

Exciting stuff.  What are you taking on in your life that scare, excites, and exhilarates you?

TOMORROW is the day.  I am listening to Golden Oldies and dancing the nerves away!!!


Today I had a wonder-filled experience that I want to share.  I am doing a lot of tapping (EFT), a lot of oils, and much praying to get me ready for the piano program that is coming up soon.

I knew I had to find a GREAT piano to work out on so I could get the minuta of the music the way I wanted it; pedaling dynamics, (louds and softs) and other music stuff .  I had a piano in mind and had not been able to find out where it was.  I had played it several years ago when I was in town and visited my girlfriends parents who were residents in an assisted living facility.  Today  I found it.  It is a lovely baby grand of high quality.

I had a great great audience and entertained them for over 2 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  It is the most fun I have ever had playing piano.  The perfect audience had a few that were a bit disgruntled about me playing and suggested that “maybe I could take a rest!!”


What have you done recently that you surprised yourself at how well you did it or how much you enjoyed doing it?

Get In The Flow

The tools I use daily to enhance my life, keep me on track, and give me the proverbial kick when I just wanted to quit.

Darren Hardy-Darren Daily   Daily mentoring for all areas of your life.

EFT   Emotional Freedom Technique  Nick Ortner You Tube    A FUN quick way to think things differently.  Of all the ones I have tried and researched I like Mr. Ortner the best.

Young Living Essential Oils You Tube–  An overview of the importance of knowing the power of high grade Seed to Seal essential oils.

OOLA  — 2 great young guys that share ways to balance 7 areas of your life.  They are partnering with Young Living and have a whole oil kit to help with growth in these 7 areas, Fitness, Family, Finance, Faith, Field, (job) Fun, and Friends.  To buy the kit go to 1.  2. Under Products clink on  Essential Oils & Blends  3.  On right hand side click on collections  Scroll down to Infused 7  If you want to buy it it takes a process (we aren’t Amazon!!)  My number is #259759 or if you need support 702-419-5371.  PST zone.

These guys have a 21 day fitness challenge I am doing and a 30 day download challenge.  You might find it interesting.


Life In this Moment

I am preparing for a production in which I’ll be giving a piano performance and possibly a humorous skit.  I started the learning/practicing process the summer of 2015. The 1st performance will be the summer of 2016.  Non performers are surprised that it takes so many hours to have pieces ready to be heard by an audience.

It is the same with life skills.  Unless we daily practice patience and kindness we have no idea what love is.  i.e. “…love is patient, long suffering, and kind…” (all active parents know the definition of long suffering!!!)

Oils for piano practicing:  Clarity  Christmas Spirit (it invokes wonderful memories)  Stress Away  (this is a huge step forward for me) Dream Builder Believe      Just to name a few.

Oils for love practicing:  Stress Away  Present Time  Envision (see the goal) Dream Builder  Hope   Believe

The Beginning of a Wonderfilled Day

I am BACK.      My FaceBook Pages, Essential Oils Plus and Creating the Life You Dream  are another way to get daily doses for life.

Darren Hardy Daily is a wonderful source for daily good life habits.

I have morphed into a professional house sitter.  I am working on a variety production.  My part will be mostly piano playing but I might do a skit…

I am also putting together a Come to My Playground event for personal blooming.  More on that as we develop our modules.

How are you exiting 2015 and charging into 2016???

Attitude=Quality of Life

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.  D. LARSON

One life skill that brings more joy, hope, and peace into our lives is our attitude.  Our attitude determines our reality.  We are the architect of our lives.  You can build with hope, humor, and vision or you can build with defeat, crisis, and anger.  All of us have reasons to be angry, unforgiving, or bitter.  When we accept the harm those dark feelings do to our emotional and physical health it becomes a necessity to change our attitude and do what is required to have the life we want.  There are so many essential oils that can help keep us on track with changing our attitude.  Idaho Balsam Fir, Release, Surrender, Hope, Joy and Transformation are just a few.

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