Do the Right Thing

Many in our society are caring for their parents.  This is not an odious task it is just a part of the journey for many.  I live with my mom who will be 87 and requires no care.  It is just a comfort to her and her children that she has someone here.

My single friend on the other hand has interfering siblings as she assists her parent in making decisions that are necessary at this time in her life.

My friend moved to the town her parent is in so that she could help as needed.  The married siblings don’t live in the town and are stirring the pot.  The parent of course doesn’t want to make anyone mad so may not do what she wants but what her ‘other’ children think is best for her.

I know the Golden Rule is often misinterpreted.  We are to do as we would have others do to us means consider their wishes and carry out their wishes.  Fortunately for this parent she has one child that will ‘do the right thing’.

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