Great Book

THE TRAVELER’S GIFT    The premise is old but the presentation is dynamic.  A man-The Traveler- is sent to visit 7 great achievers.   After a personal visit  each person gives The Traveler a scroll.  The scroll shares the individual’s ‘secret’ of their success.  The last scroll was the most profound for me.  The Traveler visits a place that is never ending.  A place that as we read about it becomes very real and we know that we have contributed to to the contents of this place.

An excerpt from the 5th person.  This was a young person that was facing sure death and rejoiced in what was good around her:

5th Decision   Today I Will Choose to Be Happy.  I will  laugh for 7 seconds upon awakening.  Laughter is an outward expression of enthusiasm and I know that enthusiasm is the fuel that moves the world.

I will be using this book as my ‘Success for Dummies’ guide.  It’s a quick read and a quicker re-read.

So many oils come to mind.  Highest Potential, En-R-Gee, Sacred Mt., and Palo Santo will be a good beginning.

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