Grind It Out

Darren Daily often reminds us that 90% of what we do to achieve our goals in the 7 OOLa areas is redundant. The things we do to keep focused are necessary and repetitive. The disciplines we engage to “Grind IT Out” are what separate us from the have nots to the haves. There is no magic to success but there is concerted steady work that ensures our success.  The fun parts usually take up 10% of our time.

This applies to anyone  who has achieved  great heights in their field; i.e. sports, arts, relationship, business.

We all can use a little help to keep on track as Jim Rohn says, “That which is easy to do is easy to not do.”

My help comes not only from spiritual meditations, my business on line classes and my on line mentors but also my Essential Oils.  I always use Valor, Joy, and Harmony then I add the oil(s) for the day.  Some examples Light Your Fire, Live With Passion, Sacred Mountain, Believe, and Abundance.

Share below some of the tools you use to keep your momentum.

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