Here We Go

Today I commit to being a vessel of peace, calm, and light.

By saying this I know that all who seek these things will want to take mine.  How do I know this?  I know it because of an ancient story I will share with you.

There once were 10 pure people waiting with their lamps and oil for the bridegroom to come.  When the call was given that the bridegroom was here 5 of the pure were not ready and wanted to borrow oil from the 5 that were prepared.  They were told no that they had to have their own oil.  While gathering the oil they missed the bridegroom.

I know that the gifts given to us from God are ours.  We can share the results obtained when we receive and use these gifts i.e., our fruits/our attitude/spirit/influence. We must tell others to seek their own gifts from God.  That is why I love these oils.  They help us find God.

Wearing Sacred Frankincense oil or burning Frankincense resin are wonderful easy ways to stay in our God consciousness.


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