Letting Go

I don’t normally post on the weekend but there is something I want to share.  I am on a working vacation and my control issues are really screaming.

The scenario:

It is almost 500 miles of nothing from our starting point to our destination. I am traveling with an older person I love very much.  I also am legally responsible for this persons medical and legal affairs if anything happens and they are unable to make their own decisions.

About 200 miles into the trip this person informs me that they had a ‘medical spell’ the day before.  As they described this spell I was stunned.  Here I was traveling with a person who probably should have flown instead of riding for 9 hours where there are no facilities.


Absolute and total anger that I wasn’t given a choice to prepare for a possible emergency.  None of the legal paper work was with me that would ensure they would recieve the proper care.

They had much discomfort during the trip and after reaching our destination.  I kept my angry silence.


I told my hostess that she would have to be the one to cherish this person as I believed I was totally betrayed.  I believe this action shows no trust in me, no confidence in me, and no respect for me.

Real Solution:

Let it go Adina.  This anger is not adding a thing to your life.  You can tell that they feel badly.  Just accept that less than the wisest choices are made when someone is going to do what it takes to get their way.  Adina remember that you have made choices that have not been from your highest power and others have forgiven you.  Just know that peace comes in the moment.  People will do what they want and you must work with what you are given.  Love is longsuffering, kind, doesn’t seek to be right, bears all things and endures.  Adina you are bearing an ugly spirit. Let It Go

The oils Inner Child, Surrender, Present Time, and Frankincense.

Inner Child to heal all the subconscious hurts, Surrender to embrace the love of God so that I am filled with that love and can give that love, Present Time to live in the moment, and Frankincense to remember the gifts of spirit that are ours to recieve and share with all we come in contact with.

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