Life In this Moment

I am preparing for a production in which I’ll be giving a piano performance and possibly a humorous skit.  I started the learning/practicing process the summer of 2015. The 1st performance will be the summer of 2016.  Non performers are surprised that it takes so many hours to have pieces ready to be heard by an audience.

It is the same with life skills.  Unless we daily practice patience and kindness we have no idea what love is.  i.e. “…love is patient, long suffering, and kind…” (all active parents know the definition of long suffering!!!)

Oils for piano practicing:  Clarity  Christmas Spirit (it invokes wonderful memories)  Stress Away  (this is a huge step forward for me) Dream Builder Believe      Just to name a few.

Oils for love practicing:  Stress Away  Present Time  Envision (see the goal) Dream Builder  Hope   Believe

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