Today was a day of ‘I should..’ and I wasn’t! My thoughts were heavy.  I used my Happy Sunshiny Day Oils–Valor on the wrist   Joy over the heart and  Harmony on the solar plexus.  Shortly after that I got a call, “Are you free at 3:30 to meet us for a cup of coffee?”  Two very special men.  Men of a great God. Great encouragement to me to have some one on one time with them.

It’s past my bed time and I am on my 3rd wind.  Wonder if I will need sleep tonight. [Lavender might help in that department.]

The coffee was a very special type. I seldom drink coffee. I do enjoy great coffee so it is worth the late night productive time I am being blessed with!

What do you do as a special treat knowing that the treat is worth the consequences?

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