Life Lessons

A phone call saying, “Hi Mom your good friend told me you needed a call.”  A card that in part says, “…..I thank you so much for your friendship throughout these many years.”

A squeal on the other end of the phone line when you call a friend you haven’t talked to in forever.   A guest that goes home.  A spouse that gives a special indication of their love.  A sibling that says. “I am glad we are family.”   A note from an incarerated love one that thanks you once again for support and care.  An elderly devout Christian who talks of ‘going home’ to God with anticipation.  The smile and chatter of a 10 month old.

And God who wraps his love around you while you cry at a perceived act of unkindness towards you and reminds you that ‘great peace have they which love His law [His son Jesus] and nothing shall offend them.’   These are just a few of my very most favoritest things.

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