Meet Adina

What does Adina want you to know about her?  She’s a lady who knows the bliss of living her dreams.  She also knows what it is like to have an unexpected gift given to her by life.  She knows the joy and sorrow of parenting and grandparenting, the heartache of divorce, and the dissapointment in herself when she failed to chose the highest path. 
 Adina knows what it is to struggle instead of surrendering.  She knows what it is like to have to practice tough love so as to not harm a loved one, she understands the burden of responsibility and she is grateful there is a new day to get it right.
As she integrates her skills as a musician, teacher, speaker and humorist to become the serene gracious woman of her dreams she encourages you to know as she knows….
Life is worth our very best effort which means doing the right thing.