Laughter–Life Necessity [My journey as an improv comedy player]

Name of Troupe:  Las Vegas Improvisation Players-Clean Burning Comedy    Venue:  Las Vegas  Look us up on facebook.

In 2006 I was at a point in my life that I had to either go into therapy or find a source of laughter to ‘lighten the load’.  {Little did I know that the ‘load’ would increase greatly in 2008}  I can honestly say that this troupe is perfect therapy for me and is a great blessing in my life.

I went to my first meeting in 2006 and accidentally became a player.  I thought I could just go watch and laugh.  I of course was encouraged to ‘play’ with the troupe.  OK-whatever I thought the worse I could do was nothing!  At the end of the two hour workshop I was told that the workshops were a certain price whether I played or watched.  The troupe was very clear that they wanted me to play.   I decided to try it for a year and if it didn’t work I could find something that was a better fit.  It obviously is a fit.

I believe that many of the pieces came together for me in 2010 at our February show.  We were doing our warm ups and we were energized and in synergy with each other.  When the director warmed up the audience you could tell that they were catching our ‘OK Let’s have fun’ vibes.  It was a show where the laughter came in waves,  the applause was sustained and the audience was fully engaged.

What were my lessons learned that night: Have Fun, It’s not about Winning and Have Fun. The obstacles we face as players is to give up ‘winning’ the game.  Many of the sketches we do involve coming to solution-what was the crime, sing in rhyme and rhythm, etc.  What we really want to do is establish the relationship, create the conflict and have fun.  I was finally able to do that on a larger scale and the results was magical.

I know that many endorphins are released with our belly laughs.  I know that it is a lot of energy expended every week to work on our skills and I know improv adds primary colors to my world.

The fact that we are clean burning is why I am with this troupe.  I believe in the power of words.  I also believe that when we want to influence others through speech the higher the vibration of the word the greater the influence for good.  Clean Burning–no blatant or insinuated  sexual connotation, no swearing, no bodily functions in other words high vibration words.

I believe that I am now an intermediate player.   My next step is to write down the type of player I want to be and enjoy the results.