Motivational Informative Great Guide Book

Many of us are familiar with Napoleon Hill’s  Think and Grow Rich book published in 1937.  Now you have a modern version of this great book called, Three Feet from Gold.

Three Feet from Gold is a business allegory with a powerful message. It was written with the support of the Napoleon Hill Foundation by Sharon L. Lechter & Greg S. Reid.

What a great gift to give to the entrepreneurs of today.  Every page has usable/inspirational information.  It is a very easy read with great input from successful entrepreneurs like Richard Cohn; publisher, Julie Krone; jockey, Jack Mates; former Ceo of Velcro USA to name but a few.

In the Author’s Note they state that this story has evolved from their own experiences of utilizing Napoleon Hill’s philosophy and studying how it has motivated and inspired incredible success in others.

If you are on your dream path, searching for your dream path, or curious as to what a dream path is this book will inspire, inform, and guide you to new heights.

I am loving it.