Necessary Daily Life Habits

Some essentials that help my creative process to have the life I want.

Forgiveness–I have a queasy feeling in my stomach.  I think I may have been shafted by someone I trusted.  I need to get the facts as I can’t stand the uncertainty of suspicion. I have no desire to ‘talk’ to them if they have shafted me, but I do need to give it no energy and move on.  I hate having to resolve things like this. NOTE:  If I truly forgave would I need to know if they had shafted me???

Commitment–Your life is a clear picture of what you are committed to. Your core values are what you do daily. NOTE:  Track daily activities to make sure you  are implementing the core values you admire.

Fun–That which makes us laugh relieves our stress. That which involves others in our joy adds color to the picture of our lives. NOTE: Remember the good times and relax into the pleasure of that moment.

Gratitude–All of us have what we have because of gifts; health, a rich nation that allows us to prosper, a nation at peace, and a nation that encourages us to build on opportunities.  A heart filled with gratitude is a heart at peace.  NOTE: Write three thank yous daily for 7 days.

Restorative time –This sets the tone for the day.  It is one of my core values. I need to be alone with my God to get settled in my core.  If I don’t I am a whirling, disorganized, drama mess and little is accomplished. There is also the possibility of causing ‘damage’ because my energy is chaotic when I skip my centering-quiet time.

These are of few of my favorite habits.    What are some of your daily habits that you use to build the life you want?

Oils to use:  Wear them   Diffuse them   Smell them

Gratitude     Joy    Ylang Ylang   Patchouli     Frankincense    Sacred Mountain   Believe    Magnify Your Purpose   Live With Passion

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