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Faith-I believe God      Interesting how the word ‘in’ added to that quote changes the whole thought.

I have had an interesting 10 days.  Everything that I have touched has turned to mush.  Things that have gone smoothly for 7 months now have to be done a different way.  Every client but one cancelled so that means $$$ are once again short.  (Even my dog feeding job doesn’t need me for 2 weeks!)  The fun things that I do; lunch with a friend, taking care of my granddaughter had to be rescheduled.  So what did I do?? I went on a pity party.  Told God that I didn’t trust Him and then I remembered, “To whom Lord shall we go…”  John 6:66-71

Yeah it’s a fact that things are not pleasant right now.  Nope those aren’t the facts. The facts are some doors shut last week and I made mush out of it instead of investing my ‘available’ time wisely.  I chose to think of the events as being unpleasant.  You see if this had happen during swimming weather I would have had no problem investing my time and creating a great reality.

I believe God.  I believe because I have proven many times God’s care and grace in my life.

“Take no thought for your food, clothing, and shelter…but seek ye first
the kingdom of God and his righteousness and…”  Matthew6:24 of ancient holy scriptures to find out what God’s promise is.

As my secular (physical life-stuff) fell apart my spiritual life (the stuff that lasts forever) flourished.  Help thou my unbelief.  Mark 9:24
















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