New Experiences

I believe everybody is doing the best they can in their lives.  Two recent experiences have caused me to realize that some just aren’t going to fly above mediocrity.

I had to use the taxi service in two different towns recently.  Neither driver was from the A team.   English was the first language for both of these guys so the communication should have been primo.  Driver #1 asks me, “Is the place you wanted to be????”   How do I know.  I live 1500 miles away and I gave you the address!!

The second driver (who was taking me to my home) asks me, after he takes a wrong turn out of the airport–Do you have a GPS???  Why do I need a GPS?  I know how to get to my place.

I could have been nicer instead of loudly expressing my displeasure at their ignorance.  Please people.  Be dilligent in knowing more than your job/profession requires.  Go beyond what is necessary and excel in the land of ho-hum mediocrity.

I thought I had put plenty of Stress Away on but evidently not enough


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