Off Day

Sometimes the last thing we want to be is Our Best, Our Personal Best, Our Better Than We Have Ever Been Best.  How can we schedule those ‘I want to underachieve’ times?  Oh yeah we all know the trap we set when we let the momentum lag, The Compound Effect tells us so.  

Look at your weekend life.  Are you taking time for the OOla areas that restore you for “The Best Work” mode.  My restorative Oola areas are having fun, being with friends, taking time with family, and special faith practices.  These are the things that super restore me so that during my “The Best I Can Be Days” I have the desire, focus, and energy to grind it out.

You have a very special oil collection to assist you on this Oola journey, Oola7Infused collection.  This collection can be found at YoungLiving under Product.

[ To buy at the wholesale cost Click on “Become a Member” and sign up. For help text/call Adina at 702-419-5371.  I’ll be happy to give you more information and to help you purchase this collection.  If you know that you aren’t going to buy other products there is no need to Become a Member.]

The oils to use are the OOLA oils:  Faith   Family   Finances   Field (your work) Fitness  Friends  Fun

Commit to an OOla life today.   What area will you focus on today?  Me today is all about fitness and finances.


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