On the Lighter Side 2

I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.  Anonymous has struck again.

I am self-employed and my main business, teaching piano is slow right now.  This gives me time to build my beloved oil business and increase its profitability.  There is an immediate need to have a better cash flow so I opened my mind and took a tax course.  I totally enjoyed the course, but the reality of doing the taxes was weird.

The charges are huge.  [Could that be why this tax office is getting no customers and I am not needed?] The people are anxious, argumentative, and whine that the refund is too small.  (EIC is a built in welfare check in the tax system.  If you qualify you can get money you never paid in.)

I have always done my own taxes so I had no idea how much people paid to have so little done. The interesting thing about this experience was I went in with an ‘open mind‘ instead of going with my ‘gut’ feeling.

When I called to inquire about the class it was $100 out of my pocket.  They assured me that getting 20 hours would be no problem if they hired me and that they would pay me at least $10/hour.  I opened my mind. When I went for my appointment they made me wait 35 minutes and it wasn’t because they were busy-the lady I had the appointment with walked by me on her way to make a call and have a cigarette. I opened my mind.

I found many errors in the on line course.  I was told how clever of me to find them-I opened my mind. When I went for the employment interview I was offered $8.25.-It took me a while to decide if I wanted to work for nothing. I opened my mind.

It has been many years since I was an office worker.  I once again have learned why I am self-employed.  I am using many oils to keep balanced in this experience.

My friends that through the years have shared their ‘work war’ stories with me were instrumental in me seeing the big picture.  My ‘gut’ tells me that a supervisor that prefers to work with an 18 year old instead of a seasoned work-place employee may have a few issues of her own!  No open mind here thank you.

I did get enough hours to reimburse myself for the out-of-pocket expense for the class. I won’t need to do this lesson again.

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