Our Brain Health

Did you know that physical movement creates a response in the brain that increases brain health?  Did you know that the brain can actually shrink when physical movement is to low?  Did you know that we can easily support brain health by simple changes in our foods?  Did you know that Alzheimer is now being called Type III Diabetes?

Dr. Debora Gordan:        Daniel Amen, MD   Christopher Shade, PhD

These are just 3 of the presenters at the  Alzheimer & Dementia Summit. Some great information that is easy to implement.

Ole Johansson,PhD from Sweden shared the evidence of the Electro Magnetic Fielsds (EMF) effects on brain health–Wireless is the biggest culprit.  Some easy and affordable solutions to protect your grey matter and it does matter folks.

So glad for the effectiveness of the Young Living essential oils to keep my brain healthy, the Young Living supplements like Omegagize, the oils like BrainPower, and the education on nutrition that supports brain health. True Grit explains  why I will only buy Young Living’s Einkorn flour that they produce from ancient seeds.

So good to have confidence in the products you use to support your systems.

Share with us the commitment you have to your brain health.

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