Taking on Life

Life is a constant flow and go process.  If we are sitting on a floaty and enjoying that flow our destination is predetermined.  If we are equipped with a paddle while in our vessel named goal we are going to be working it. We will be utilizing the current’s speed to get us on our way and when we see the tributary we need we apply all our skills to make the changes needed to reach our desired destination.

Our oils for support are many but Clarity, Hope and Gratitude help keep us focused.

Distraction will happen and it is up to us to set the goal for that day.  As Darren says, “Set your schedule for the next day the night before.”  Write it down for better support.

Check your day.  What are the changes you need to make to keep the trajectory you had set?

Enjoy the challenge of directing your course and obtaining what you most desire today.

Success today is the start of the ultimate day of Success when you reach your goal.

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